Garf.ELD (Jon's Lasagna)

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Edit: Front paged?? Wow, this website must be run by a bunch of idio-- I mean, seriously, wow. I'm blown away. I'll work 100x harder to improve from here on out. Thankssssss everyone.

Jon lost his lasagna, Garf 3.0 is having a typical Monday, and I can't stay on model to save my life.

I learned a lot about how to make a cartoon with this thing (and mostly how NOT to). The top lesson I learned was to figure out a character's design before starting the animation - who'da thunk?


I was having some existenial thoughts today, made me cry. You earned it boi. You made me remember the days I spend eating icecream, half-baked in the warm Japanese sun. I told my farther "Get Out" He screamed "Make Me!" I thought of a way to change things, but the past is the past and the present is the past. The Future is also the past.

Please forgive me for this.

Don't tell mommy

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johnnyfourth responds:

That's a nice Dutch, Lord. Let's video some film today, and I'll pay you with cheap fast food to make some music for me in the next month.

Damn good first entry here! But yeah, it would be worth it if you re-uploaded this with a bit more audio volume and/or normalized the overall volume. Easiest way to check, would be to play another movie or game here, then click on your submission or NG Dumped swf, to see if it's about right.

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johnnyfourth responds:

I'm still a bit fuzzy on how uploads work here, but if I can replace the preexisting movie file without changing anything else I think I might do that. Thanks so much.

This is pretty good. Nice job!

Wow, Calvin was lucky to have Hobbes instead of that cat to have his philosophical discussions with. That is one fucking scary Garfield right there. That would make for a 1000% improvement on Garfield in general, if it was like that all the time, though. Also, you're right, this website IS run by a bunch of idio-- wonderful people. Wonderful, wonderful people. But not because they liked this. That just proves that occasionally they accidentally get something right.

If you made a part 2, you could have this "Garfield" taking over the world almost skynet style, except somehow talking the world leaders into pushing the button themselves. Just an idea.

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johnnyfourth responds:

Ha, can you imagine a Hobbes like this? Calvin would grow up to be one real screwed up junkie. That's hilarious, thanks

Saw this and couldn't wait to make some smug jokes and post stupid nonsense, but newgrounds said "No, that isn't cool. Be nice to Johnny" So Instead I'm just going to act like a total jerk.

Oh, that's off the table too apparently. Whatever...

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johnnyfourth responds:

Your review is the most confusing so far, and that's including the Garf took the cab bit below. Also, I think I'd prefer if you'd call me a mean name instead of throw those stars at me. Kisses.

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May 29, 2016
11:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody