Bear Quickscoping

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Okay. I will be honest. This game is horrible now. I thought it was the best thing in the world but now I see why it was rated 2 stars. I would recommend not playing this. If you do, be warned. Its bad. Really bad.

If you see a white screen, Wait for a bit and it will load.

A game that I made where you quickscope bears.

W to fly the helicopter forward.
S to slow down the helicopter
A to turn left
D to turn right
E to pull up scope
Click to shoot

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I think you shouldd work harder on your next game, Don't let this one lets you down. And ignore all the haters, people should be more positive and helpful. Here are some advice i suggest:
-A more detailed background. I didn't actually knew if i was moving or if the bear was moving
-Maybe work your own gun and bullets desing?
-Work on the wings of the helicopter, yeah no, I didn't knew if i was lagging or if it was moving slow
-Maybe a little story?
But anyway keep working, good luck :P

DaTys responds:

Thank you for the nice response. I will take the advice, but now I see why this game was really bad. I am considering taking it down, due to how bad it is

What even is this?

DaTys responds:

The worst game on the universe

Well, pretty interesting game, but it is lagging a LOT! Even if I go Window-Mode it still is hard to aim and it is impossible for me to shoot the enemy for some weird reason. Still, pretty good game! :)

it works half the time, scope isn't lined up properly though. can't really tell if you're moving half the time.

In a game like this you need landmarks to be able to tell if you are going fast or slow, if you are turning left or the bear is turning left, and so on. The shrubs are useful for this, but the bears tend to run off into areas without them. And it seems that if you fly too far away from the shrubs, you'll never be able to find your way back and you'll be very far away from wherever the bear spawns.

Other than that, I guess this does what it says on the tin. I like the job that you did with the visuals for the zoom.

DaTys responds:

Thanks for the positivity. Your review was the first review that was not hateful. Thanks.
PS Next time I make a game like Bear Quickscoping, I will make sure to add that.

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1.92 / 5.00

May 29, 2016
6:10 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person