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Tales of Valorian Chapter 0

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Author Comments

You can use the arrow keys to move, or click into the screen.

You can use "Z" (or clicking) to interact with the world.
You can use "Esc" or "X" to cancel, or bring up the menu.

TP stands for taunt points (they are assumed disabled, so... ignore them)

Also, this game has a lot of references, try hunting them all!
Background (narrated by Daric) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Welcome, another little hero!
You are a proud member of your tribe, with a long lasting family
and your own son, which you are teaching to be a MAN!
You are happy being barbaric and what not... BUT, one day
your tribe gets atacked by the Valorian emprah, all your hope remains in holding off the principal village while the reinforces arrive from Highmoon.

Will you be the hero your people deserves?
Will you defeat the evil EMPRAH, and his tecnologicaly and tacticaly advance soldiers?
Will you lead your people into a better world using the power of friendship and love?

But you don't.
So lets see what our little hero has to bring to this world.

This teaser is aimed to introduce the world of Valorian.
This world was created from a roleplay game made by two friends, the ones who made this chapter.

The teaser was developed in 2 days using the free trial of RPG Maker MV.

You can send us any suggestions at this email:


Follow our Twitter: https://twitter.com/TalesOfValorian

You can now support Tales of Valorian at:

Thank you!

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Ahh I like very much the game <3

voted 3,5 stars
why did they kill the principal hero ?!
how annoying !

TalesofValorian responds:

Well, you know, heroes die everyday... And well, he just got bad luck, a lot of bad luck.

I am going to head right into the reviewing process. The gameplay was smooth enough but a little bit wonky, which is not uncommon for RPG games of this type. I like the interaction around the worlds thought I wish it would be less vague. In the second part of the game, which is the second world, I was getting myself lost looking for the right exist to start checking point. When it said "Dude, right" I thought it meant to go into a building that was right, hence the narrator saying "So close, dude!". The pokemon styled team fight was the highlight of the game, I think, so definitely keep that for Chapter 1 or an Updated version of Chapter 0. Good job dude! Keep up the good work!

TalesofValorian responds:

Thank you for your review!
We have plans to solve the issues you all guys posted here. Surely you will have another version of the Chapter 0 and the release of Chapter 1 as soon as we can get to work again. Of course, now we will have more time for it!

We'll add your suggestions right now.

I honestly cant wait to see more of this. It looks to have a great story developing. It seems to have little interaction with the environment though, which is fairly common for the genre, but I would love to see this game add it in and bring something different to the table somehow.

TalesofValorian responds:

Yup! Have in mind that this chapter was made with 2 days of work. We will surely work to improve the free choice and interaction of the character!

Thanks for your feedback!

I wasn't expecting to be kinda engaged to the story but I find myself wanting more interactions with this world. Although one thing that bugs me is that everyone looks pretty cheerful despite there being a war going on.

TalesofValorian responds:

Yes, we were thinking about changing the graphics of the faces to show different emotions but we ran out of time by then...

We will polish it and show you all the results!

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

May 29, 2016
11:22 AM EDT