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Have you ever wondered why shopkeepers in RPG worlds will never give you a break, even though you're the hero of destiny? Now, you can play as one of them, as you are forced to juggle making sure the hero gets what they need, with making sure you make enough money to pay the King's unfair taxes.

NEWS: New update is live! Major additions include audio, and new plotlines exclusive to players who give the dog chicken. We hope you enjoy it!

Additional Credits:
Yoster Island Font - codeman38 (http://www.zone38.net/)
House pixelart - Neoriceisgood (http://neoriceisgood.deviantart.com/)


tried many times to see if there is an ending that rebellion breaks out and usurps the king.

I love buying/selling sims like this, and I'm a huge fan of Papers, Please. Overall, I liked the game, but there were a few notable issues I had with it:

- Ending the day with too little money just extends the day until you make enough. If you can't pay your taxes, the game should end.
- The rebel movement seemed shoehorned in, especially considering the length of the game. I loved working with EZIC in Papers, Please, and it was extremely memorable, but I felt like this needed to move away from that a bit in order to establish its own identity.
- I understand the reasoning behind it, but I don't really care for the fact that you can create items you don't have stocked on the spot, even if it is slightly more expensive. I believe games like this should be about risk management, and your success should bank on your ability to adequately buy and sell. The game just gives you too much help with it for my liking.

As a closing note, more items, greater length, and fluctuating prices would go a long way towards making the game feel more fleshed out. That said, though, I like what you've done and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

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Just came back here to give you 5 stars again! Please make the next version longer, i coul easily play it for 2hrs without getting bored.

Wow, it really reminded me when i played papers, please

it was pretty good actually and the anvil just maked it up for me

the only bad thing (it just me, not anything about it) it was too short

This game is great fun, and well built. It just seems like a shame that it doesn't have one. This games really deserves it.

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4.02 / 5.00

May 28, 2016
8:33 PM EDT
Adventure - Other