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Have you ever wondered why shopkeepers in RPG worlds will never give you a break, even though you're the hero of destiny? Now, you can play as one of them, as you are forced to juggle making sure the hero gets what they need, with making sure you make enough money to pay the King's unfair taxes.

NEWS: New update is live! Major additions include audio, and new plotlines exclusive to players who give the dog chicken. We hope you enjoy it!

Additional Credits:
Yoster Island Font - codeman38 (http://www.zone38.net/)
House pixelart - Neoriceisgood (http://neoriceisgood.deviantart.com/)


whenever i click out of the game, for some reason it stops working but overall it is a good game

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kylechu responds:

I've been trying to fix this for a while now and haven't had any luck, but I'll keep trying.

Thank you for the kind words and the positive review!

A nice and not so dark version of Papers Please that I can totally get behind.
There could have been a more new content (the scenarios are pretty much the same as in PP) but your game is much less stressfull and I just had a fun time playing it!
Keep it up :)

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kylechu responds:

Thank you so much! We tried to come up with some different scenarios, or at have a different flavor with the ones we did borrow from Papers, Please. I'm in the process of writing some more storylines, so hopefully we'll distinguish ourselves a little more in a future update.

I think you could have come up with a cleverer rationale for shopkeepers charging heroes than excessive taxes.

kylechu responds:

Do you have any suggestions? Originally, we wanted to make it feeding your family, but I thought that would be too dark for the tone of the game, and too close to Papers, Please.

Two suggestions: many video game players might not notice that there's a time limit for each day as the sun moves across the screen, so the faster you finish interactions the more people you'll have a chance to sell to and the more profit you stand to make. If you take all day reading everything and asking questions to everybody then the game will be tough to beat, but that will be most people's instinct if they don't realize there's a time limit, and is probably the source of the negative comments about the game being super hard. Just making it clear there's a time limit will probably clue people in and boost the ratings a bit if those people aren't left thinking this is impossibly hard.
The other thing is that there are occasionally gold clouds that float across the screen that you can click on for cash. That's fine during the day when time is moving since it gives people more things to focus on at once, especially if there's a time limit on the day, but I noticed that the gold clouds will still come out when the anvil makes the last comment of the day saying that the day is over if you just wait at that screen without continuing and you can just hang out and click a few gold clouds before ending the day. I'm not sure how I feel about that -- it's cheating, but also would give weaker players a way to make it through the game easily if they don't mind cheating a little and would therefore boost ratings because there are definitely people out there who downrate stuff purely because they can't beat it. So it's up to you if you want limit when the gold clouds can come out.
I had one run where a bug appeared, and this is what I can remember of it. Either day #2 or day #3 (can't remember for sure which) began with no clues about what item people are going to buy a lot of that day, but they seemed to end up mostly wanting swords. I offered to protect the guy who was hiding from the bounty hunter, and on the next day he went through both the dialog thanking me and giving me a bonus for doing so, and I also got a message right after that about needing to watch my back for turning the guy in to the bounty hunter. And on that same day, there were a few times when people finished talking and I had to click the continue button multiple times before it would advance.
The sun also didn't make it all the way across the screen before the day ended on days when I accepted a bonus to have more time during the day -- it made it most of the way across, but not all the way.

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kylechu responds:

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback -

We were hoping the sun would clue enough players in to the time limit, but it sounds like we need to be more explicit about it. My only concern there is that if players aren't looking closely enough to where they would see the sun, I'm not sure what I can do that they WILL notice.

That's actually a bug - we wanted to make it so they didn't pop when the timer is paused, but it doesn't seem to be working. However, you make a good point that it could act as a crutch for weaker players, and it isn't like some players "cheating" will affect anyone else - there isn't a leaderboard or anything - so we may just never fix this bug.

Do you happen to remember the clues for the hero that you had on the day that the nasty glitch happened? That might help me narrow down the issue, since the crisis clues are tied to individual heroes. (EDIT: I just pushed what I think is a fix to this glitch. Thanks again for pointing it out!)

When you say the sun didn't make it all the way across - do you mean it stopped like 3/4 of the way through the sky, or where about half of it was off the screen? If it's the first, that's a nasty bug and I'll take a look. If it's the second, that's just a side-effect of the modifications that I made to try to smooth the sun's movement.

Again, thank you so much for the good review, and the helpful feedback!

i like it , but it has some annoying bits . like having to pay 10 gold after every day

kylechu responds:

Our idea was that the ten gold tax penalty would force players to make sure they made a profit, instead of just making barely enough to help the hero and scrape along to the next day.

Can you think of anything we could replace that with while still keeping the game challenging?

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May 28, 2016
8:33 PM EDT
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