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Frenzy Airport 2

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May 28, 2016 | 3:36 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Frenzy Airport has become a busy world famous airport. Every day there are thousands of people using the airport to get to their destination. Therefore, it is important that you know all the people, luggage and aircraft are properly managed. Can you help Lisa to manage her world-famous airport so that everyone arrives safely at their destination?

Instructions: Use left click, drag and drop the passenger to the right order.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Almost a decent time management game but it fails on a few levels.

1) Level 5 introduces the bandit but doesn't tell you how to arrest him. I tried security and immigration but all I could do is either let him rob the ATM or make him angry enough to leave. I did figure it out (see point 6): after they've been "spotted", you click on them to arrest them.
2) The immersion is killed on a few levels. First by having 2 check-in and Immigration desks served by the same person for some reason. Second by having to move people when it would make more sense they'd do it automatically. Third, having to assign waiting chairs?!? Lastly, the airport closing is weird too but I can just think it's end of day instead....
3) It's hard to grab onto people. Nothing a bigger hitstate couldn't fix.
4) While it's cute to be able to pick which avatar serves where but it's purely cosmetic and pretty shallow at that.
5) Unlike most TMGs, this game only provides a set number of clients meaning I spend levels waiting around doing nothing a minute or so, even before the Airport is closed.
6) I can't tell if the upgrades do anything. I've only seen one so far that says it does something better. Thru gameplay, higher ATM, Immigration and X-rays help you catch bandits but neither side of the issue is explained.
7) I encountered a bug. I tried to play level 7 and the fail level prompt comes up and I couldn't play on.

The game did lag near the end of play but not enough to fault it.

Also, Mr. Bean, Jessica Rabbit and Richie Rich (possibly others) clones appear.

On the plus side, it's mostly functional, good audio and decent graphics. I finished the game, got all the upgrades and stars.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Icons are too small to see where to properly place customers and concept is very boring

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