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Inspiration vs. Destruction

rated 2.92 / 5 stars
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May 27, 2016 | 2:43 PM EDT

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Author Comments

My biggest Flash animation yet :) I put 3 weeks of effort into this (approximately :P I would work on this for an hour and a half in my animation class 2-3 days a week for 3 weeks).

Credit to Nintendo for most of the sound effects.

This is kinda supposed to send a message by saying: Don't let others unmotivate you or crush your inspiration. Fuck them.

Update 6/3: Stopped it from looping, but I still couldn't figure how to add the preloader. Also, if you know, let me know how I can get rid of that white line on the left of the animation.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

good movie, nice animation, flawless pace, and some cool details in the stickmen's face expressions! (adding the emoticons for the stickmen's face expressions was a very clever idea, sir!)

i really liked that the ''creative, inspirational'' stick was creating art, and making good stuff, while the ''bad, negative'' stick was trying to stop him from creating art.

it was a nicely animated battle between creativity and destruction.
im happy that creativity won! :)

as for your meaning, i agree 100% with you.
noone should make you stop creating art. ignore the haters, be a good person, and be creative/create art.
its a good meaning, and very very true.

now, the only bad thing in your movie, was the lack of a preloader, and the fact that it looped.
also, it was short, but i guess that's not so bad...(especially if this movie was meant to be that short)

i would suggest you to add a preloader/a play-replay button, and to avoid making looping animations, because people often mistake loops for spam, and even if thats unfair, it happens.
plus, if you add a play/replay button (or a preloader), your movie will look alot more organised, and alot more professional.

you can find many free preloaders in here, and there are easy to use/to add in your movies...

also, i would like your next movie to be a bit longer, with more scenes, and with more jokes, if thats possible.

all in all, your movie was good, and i liked it alot. you make neat stuff.
keep up the good work!

BubbaBrix responds:

Wow, thanks :) Besides a couple positive responses from my buds, I haven't really gotten constructive criticism as nice as this before on my Flash animations. If you could let me know how to add a preloader, I'd be more than happy to do it. And yea, I forgot to add a stop-loop action in the scripts of the animation :P I know how to do it, I just didn't remember, which I will next time.