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Undertale Animation (Pacifist)

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It had really more Humor potential! Because good finds!

Nice animation dude!

this was a very nice animation/tribute to ''undertale''(and to pokemon as well!), and i liked it alot! :)
first of all, all the characters were drawn nicely, and in an accurate way, from their ''chibi'' forms, to their more normal-sized form...

secondly, i really liked how you've drawn sans/frisk/brock, it was very detailed+accurate/close to the real thing, and everything was smoothly animated, nicely designed, and funnny as well!

also, i loved the ''ketchup'' reference with sans, and the farting jokes in the end.
very cool movie, and quite funny too!

its a good movie: you make nice, fluid animations, so keep up the good work!!! 10/10