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creatures of the deep

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its about a lobstar who lost his lil sister to a green thing from the waters and he is determined to rescue her from the the green jerk

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wow, this was an incredibly awesome+detailed movie, especially for someone's first (official) animation on NG! :O

well, first of all, i liked the duel between the heroic lobster and the evil green creature...
i also liked the fact that the ''green king'' was blackmailing lobsterman, because he kidnapped his little sister, and now the heroic lobster had to save her from the ''green king''!

so, as the story begins, we see mr lobster fighting with many foes: we see him avoiding the flaming ball, (or is it a flaming sun? how did he burned things underwater? and if its not a mini-sun, then what was this small, round ball of fire that was chasing the lobster?), we also see the lobster avoiding spikes, running away from destroyed bridges (underwater?!), grabbing a sword and killing monsters, all, in a quest to save his little sister, from the GREEN KING.... (omg lol)

i have to say, i liked how you designed/i liked how you've animated the whole progress of the lobster's trip, and it reminded me vaguely of some super-mario levels.

with that being said, despite the fact that it vaguely reminded me of super-mario in some parts,
i believe that you have designed the movie in your own style, and the actions/attacks of the lobster were unique, so it was quite original, nicely designed, and funny as well.

as for the ending, i liked the lobster's conversation VS the ''green king'' /VS his guards.
also, the lobster said the N word, oh boy! :/ (thats bad, but hey, at least the movie was nicely animated, with good drawings, and with good humour (until the N word showed up) so, yea!)

all in all, this was a GOOD and nicely designed/nicely animated movie, and i liked it...
so do more movies like this, and keep up the good work!

Avomayers responds:

lol thanks mn. this is my very first movie, it could have been better but i didnt have the nessasary tools to make it what it intended. but I always going to make more movies. so this will not be the last.. hopefully..

no. JUST NO. is the creator 5? grow up before going on newgrounds, or is it a 35 year old man.. come on, seriously?

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1.78 / 5.00

May 25, 2016
4:34 PM EDT