Riddle Transfer 2

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Today is the 10th anniversary of Riddle School, and it's been five years since Riddle Transfer was left with an unresolved cliffhanger. The story is at last complete.

This game was made for fans of the series and will only make total sense after having played or seen the previous six entries.

I *think* this game is glitch-free, but message me if you come across any bugs. Although I only had about a month to prepare for this, I really hope people enjoy it!

Version 1.0.2 (May 27) - Fixed known spelling and animation errors, and added minor features like accessing the credits from the Continue menu

Text walkthrough: http://www.jonochrome.com/walkthroughs/walkthroughriddletransfer2.html


VERY VERY VERY GOOD! The music was very good! The ending was awesome!

Jonbro, really, this game is AMAZING. You need to get out of the flash business, man. These are some triple A in the making games, man. Some of these puzzles really stumped me, it was well written, the art style is awesome, THE MUSIC. OH! THE MUSIC! The plot, too, was probably the best one on a point and click (Not going full 100%, but it was awesome), it really does fit the style of these games, and I will openly admit.... It made me cry. I'M NOT ASHAMED! THEY WERE HAPPY TEARS, DAMN IT! HAPPY TEARS! Good plot twist, too, normally I see stuff like that coming, but I was legitimately surprised. Seriously, Kickstart this stuff. I would fund it. I'm sure others would to.

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After all this years, Jonochrome, or as I used to call you, JonBro, as much as I know your story, the Riddle School series has been important for you since your adolescence, and I can say the same, ever since I started playing the first Riddle School game, back when I was just a child, I loved it so much, I remember talking about the game with my friends in school, we'd talk about Phil, the teachers, the still to-be-told story, and then, Pico School 5 came in, me and my friends were still sad about the whole April Fools Joke with Pico School 4, but we were happy to see you continued the game.

Then... Riddle Transfer came in, 5 years ago, I remember like if it was yesterday, me and my friends jumping in happines, looking at the game, talking about how the story developed to be this amazing, fun and nostalgic game, the game that walked together with me through my childhood to my adolescence.
I passed through a lot, and I kept following your updates... or life updates, in this case, then you said you didn't want to continue Riddle Transfer, of course, me and my school friends got sad, but I thought it was the right choice for you.

After sometime, I passed through a lot, I got older and now... There it is, suddenly "RIDDLE TRANSFER 2" ... And now I can finally tell you, Mr. Jonochrome, thanks to you, now I finally have an ending to one of the most important things in my childhood.
Thank you, and keep being this amazing person you are.

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Thats a really hard game,I need an hour to reach that space level.

I started playing these when I was 10 years old, now 20 almost 21, and to come back to newgrounds on a random day and see that it was the 10th anniversary made me overjoyed! Thank you for this incredible series, it may not have been a lot but as a aspiring animator it was inspiring playing these games and realizing I can do something like this too. Thank you so much to those who contributed and especially to you JonBro for your work and your effort. My life would surely not be the same without the inspiration you have brought upon me.
-Your fan, Zander

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May 25, 2016
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Adventure - Point 'n Click
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