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"No spoilers in title" Adventure

rated 2.27 / 5 stars
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May 24, 2016 | 5:45 PM EDT

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Author Comments

You're a simple farmer in the middle of well deserved snooze, when suddenly you are waken up by waves of monsters. Remember that one spell you mastered as a child and go find who stands behind this invasion to restore peace.

Now with easy mode and Achievements.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

This really just isn't my cup of tea. Sometimes I move halfway across the screen, sometimes I walk all the way across, sometimes I walk off the edge, sometimes I lag and overshoot things.... It's a pain. It's also monotonous to walk, get mana, repeat x5, kill enemy, move on, rinse and repeat. I'll be honest, I didn't give this much of a chance because of its frustrating movement inconsistency.

FancyReckless responds:

I feel you :)
I'm actually making new game with similar mechanic, but better controls and graphics.
Beta testers are giving very positive feedback, so stay tuned and you might enjoy the next game I make.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

im not sure how i would rate this game. i played through the first time and looked at the comments and saw i had to play through it again but i did and the ending was the same. my second play through i used the scroll and i got stuck on a few screens because i couldn't get enough mana i could only get passed them after the screen rested a few times. i didn't notice any change from my first and second play through.

FancyReckless responds:

About stuck: All paths were checked using algorithm, I myself sometimes forget solutions and start to doubt them (check out this gif, I was thinking solution for 5 mins: )
Ok, I'm giving up on "no spoilers" ( time to move on):
1. To change next run you have to find wolf, he is at the level with dark ground and you also need a red key for him.
2. wolf will say that he is not your enemy and you are faced with choice of sparing or killing him.
If you kill him:
a. you no longer can respawn, because "mysterious creature", who saved you was this wolf, hence dying will trigger negative ending (saying: noone came to save you this time).
b. if you find a mage after that, he won't be able to cast his spell, because the spell uses energy sucked from the wolf (Check out first dialog, that "???" was the wolf.) This way you will kill the mage, but will die from curse yourself and trigger neutral ending (sacrifice).
if you spare him:
you will move on like you normally do, but wolf will promise to help your "other you". The wizard casts Time travel spell ("Forwardus tu pastus") and you die, but your past you starts his adventure from a new. Except the pass to the wolf is now open and does not require a cursed key. If you reach the wolf, he will help you to fight wizard and you will defeat him without dying from curse, triggering positive ending.

PS. The reason why wizard invaded your lands is because he wanted to draw power from mysterious wolf. Since the wolf posseses time travel power, he remembers you even after wizard travels to past.

In short.
My story and game making skills need practice, I promise to make next game much better, thank you for playing and leaving a review :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Some of these puzzles give no option or chance to survive, or don't even give me a path to move to the area I want to, making me skip back and forth between areas to reset it for a freaking chance. Flawed puzzle designs in a puzzle-solving game... yikes. Doesn't help when I have to start over entirely.

Sword and shield do the same thing, so why bother having me go through finding that shield only to realize it's no different?

And the ending is just bad and doesn't make much sense. You need the red key but it just ends with you falling over and a new farmer (?) appears and it resets the whole game? WHY?

FancyReckless responds:

First of all, thanks for review. As a young developer, I really appreciate that you wrote so much.
I will split answers in 3 points, but will start with 2nd.

2. Yes, sorry about shield and sword. I did this game in a 2 week jam and I couldn't implement shield completely, so I made it like sword. (check out jam:

1. All (seriously, I had checklist) puzzles/paths were tested and are solvable, no exceptions. Send screens if you don't believe me :)

3. That is because that was not the end. (hint: map is changing for the "next farmer" depending on your previous decisions).

There are multiple endings, and they all say you that this is the ending. Can't say more, as that will be a spoiler ;)

Edit: Oh, and pay attention to what wizard says when he casts a spell, that will explain who is that other farmer :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

It gets tedious after a while because if you can't figure out how to finish an area. It would work better if it saved where you were if you die and you restart at the start of the same map. It looks nice and cute and I can see potential in your future. Work hard and good luck FancyReckless!

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FancyReckless responds:

Thanks, means a lot to me.