Jette Sexi - Sky Biker

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1-3-2017: Fixed an issue where dying before reaching level 10
would automatically start you at the boss, rather than the beginning of the level.

- Boss will no longer attack while you are shopping in the HUD menu
- Interactive Sexy Credits! After defeating the boss you can cycle through characters (including Jette Sexi and Orobis) and watch them show off their juiciest animations.
- Pherocap and Rocket Dildo are given to you free of charge when the boss stage begins, this is now clearly indicated.
- Once boss fight starts you can bring up the HUD to see the Boss Tips.
- You will now always continue at the boss if you died after making it that far.
- Powers will no longer refresh while the HUD menu is open.

Over 4000 plays in the first 24 hours, not bad!

We invite you to take on the first chapter of this epic adult action game- help Jette Sexi tear through the sky on her hoverbike, knocking her sexy minions out of the air with orgasmic weapons, earning XP, leveling up and spending credits on new powers, health and upgrades!

Make it to the end of the level and take on Orobis - Mistress of Security. Additional chapters will be available only at www.barbarianbabes.com but we hope you enjoy on the Gynocon Corporation in chapter 1 of Jette Sexi right here.

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Is it possible to get to the final boss without dying? It seems the fight with the black biker loops.

BarbarianBabes responds:

Several captains will attack but the nurse healer for her only shows up once, all enemies should stop coming back when you are in range of the boss

Meh....really love the other games , not a big fan of that one... seems incredibly hard , with no sign of progress or hope whatsoever

Plus , it seems to be for the ass lovers , leaving the boobs ones in the dark..

Enjoyed the game although the controls are a little awkward since input is delayed, and obviously your character follows your mouse so it often results in a few ice blasts before you get what you want.

For some reason I can't seem to get to the boss though. Every time I reach level 10 I just keep flying with no enemys spawning. Maybe I'm just missing something really obvious...

BarbarianBabes responds:

That is very odd. The boss window should pop up after a few seconds. And there's no reason for accidental ice blasts the only reason you'd be clicking the screen is either ice blast or to use those buttons in the corners- just make sure you really click on the buttons and not on Jette's bike.

Nah.. I didn't like how the button mapping was for the special attacks/dodges. May just be me, had trouble getting the HUD to close a couple times. Just wasn't too fun.

BarbarianBabes responds:

it's a flash button which means "on release" so if you move the mouse too fast it won't register a click.

Top marks for the graphic skills and texturing (the asses are superb, esp when raised - pity the tits are not equally in evidence), but as another comments, hard to appreciate the sex when the whole emphasis is on non-sex matters.

Scenario is also good. Post-Apocalyptic-type Lesbian hunting.

Problems? Well, technical ones have been mentioned, so I'll just keep it personal. As in personal view.

I'm not a player of games of the Supermario type. So to me, it's not exactly intuitive - a lot of details and tricks no doubt, which would take some time to learn. So I didn't get far (L2, to be exact).

It seemed mainly a case of trying to keep attackers off your ass (frustratingly difficult as (a) they keep getting on your ass, and (b) there's not enough space up, down or decelerating left, to shake them off), and pummeling the ass of any you can get on the ass of.

It is of course just me, but that's an unequal struggle.

So to boil it all down - with all props for trying to make a sophisticated game with some sexy content but that's basically a chase-and-pummel or be chased-and-pummeled - to this: I'd like a LOT more sex and a lot less twiddling and cringing out of the way of getting asspunched.

No doubt unfair, given I'm not a Supermarioist, to give a fair star rating. But what's good is well done, i can see that, and for graphic content and ass alone I couldn't give less than an encouraging but gameplay-frustrated 3 *s :D

BarbarianBabes responds:

If you buy the Power Shield they hurt themselves when running into your ass :D

The game is pretty tough without getting upgrades, and if you beat the boss you can enjoy all those sexy adult animations at your leisure...