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Play Multiplayer 5 Points

You played multiplayer!... even if you did just use 2 hands.

Score Posted 5 Points

You had a score posted!

Full Toilet 10 Points

fill you toilet before the timer runs out!

Good poo 10 Points

Get 7000 or more points!

Small poo 10 Points

Get 2500 or more points!

Amazing poo 25 Points

Get 10000 or more points!

Ok poo 25 Points

Get 4000 or more points!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Join Pooper once again but this time with more special items and Multiplayer! Multiple heads to choose from and high-scores can be posted on Newgrounds!

SPACEBAR to pause

UPDATE: 22/5/2016


Thanks for the fromt page Tom!
Support buttons now fixed!


Dang it! I was at a score of 9916! If I had just been able to touch that bird, I would have gotten that medal! At least it was easy for most of the game. I shouldn't have looked at the highest ranked medal. Well, there's a secret one anyway.

It did get annoying with how it was just poop over and over. It was still pretty playable. The first part was really easy. I can't believe the high scores people have gotten! The graphics aren't bad. It is a bit slow, though.

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rhys510 responds:

Ah better luck next time :)

try playing it with friends to get the full experience. There is a pause button "SPACEBAR" that might have helped, anyway thanks for the comment! :D

A little bit too easy but I like it

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rhys510 responds:

At leased everyone will be able to play, Thanks :D

Im AMAZED that anyone played this past 10,000 points.

Its a bit boring, though its kind of funny. I wish there were maybe more power-ups. It was just kind of slow. I only played as long as I did for medals, so good job with that addition.

rhys510 responds:

Thanks - i know its a bit repetitive but i made it in two days as this was what i wanted my original pooper game to be :)

thanks for the comment! :D

there is no part of this game that did not make me laugh

rhys510 responds:

Awesome thanks :D

when you run out of poo and then decend if oyu catch food your poo should replenish. i give your game a qwerty/10

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rhys510 responds:

I was thinking of doing that but it would only be fair in single player as it would be a random thing to happen - no one would be able to do it on purpose so it wouldnt be fair on other players :)

thanks for the comment :D

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3.17 / 5.00

May 22, 2016
11:14 AM EDT
Skill - Collect