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50 Cent 5 Points

Completed the game with 50 extra orbs

Jackson 10 Points

Defeated Jackson

Steve 10 Points

Defeated Steve

Smooth Sailing 25 Points

Completed the game on Easy

Gen 50 Points

Defeated Master Gen

Jimmy 50 Points

Redeemed Jimmy

Not Too Shabby 50 Points

Completed the game on Normal

Darkness 100 Points

Vanquished the Darkness

Hard Headed 100 Points

Completed the game on Hard

Unstoppable 100 Points

Unlocked all Billy's Abilities

Author Comments

Jimmy's been acting strange lately and has assumed the role of the Shadow Master. The only person who can reach out to him is his brother, Billy.

WARNING! Ole-School Game Play!

Left Hander
W - Jump
A - Block
S - Kick
D - Punch

Right Hander
Arrow UP - Jump
Arrow Down - Kick
Arrow Left - Block
Arrow Right - Punch

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Didn't like it that much, the pacing is way too slow.

What can I say? A great idea unfortunately ruined by partially not necessarily good execution. The music is nice, the graphics of the background is great, as well as its animations, but... and here are the "buts":
1. Those Chinese or Japanese symbols during the fight are highly disturbing. You are preparing an attack or trying to evade and then - symbol pause - and after that you get attacked. Change it so there would be some kind of a mark in the corner saying that the rage mode is active etc.
2. Another irritating thing: during the fight the enemies are leaving the screen and even you can kick them out of it, making it completely impossible to know whether the enemy is dead, where he is... lock the borders during the rounds of the fight.
3. The attacks that you are buying are suposed to be unblockable, but in fact they are not. Many times the enemies were blocking my special attacks or even attacking me at the same time.
4. Every single time you enter the new chapter or go back from the shop screen you have to click the screen, because the game loses focus.
5. As it was already mentioned below, it can happen that after the regular fight or a boss fight you will get stucked with nothing to do. No mission end screen, no more enemies and no way to die. The only thing to do is restart the game, but with losing ALL of your progress, including upgrades. It happened to me after beating one of the bosses, causing a LOT or rage. Thus => 6...
6. Make tha game save progress after each finished round, so people won't get irritated because of that issue. Also consider that some of the people may not have enough time to finish the game in one playthrough because they are working, studying, learning... and the levels are long and by that I mean the space you need to pass.
7. Many times Billy was starting to run despite I did not press the directional key in the way to make him do it.
8. About running: that "breaking" may be a nice animation, but it's a bit ridiculous, come on, who stops running like this? ;-)
Whoa, that were lots of points :-) But I must say that in general I like the game, but it needs a lot of improvements. The controls are easy to learn and even master, you also need to plan a good strategy in some fights against inconvenient opponents. I would even like to play an extended version with more stages, enemies, maybe upgrade scheme. There is lots of potential in this idea, go for it! :-)

1.you can not get item from the last enemy
2.there is no meaning to block since you will still be hit while counter-attacking
3.combo is not real combo, you punch many times but only 3 of them will land on enemy
4.when you die and press continue, the game freezes.

You do pick a good genre and your idea is quite good, but the gameplay is poor and buggy.

XtremelyVenomous responds:

I'll look into these bugs u mentioned.

Cool game, I am the fifth in the leaderbord at the moment and this game was lots of fun until I beat the first boss, Steve.
This game is fun, but WAY to difficult and the controls feel a little bit unresponsive. My advice would be making the character easier to control or make the enemies a little bit weaker. Anyways, great job and interesting storyline, did not see any games with such a storyline on Newgrounds for a while. Keep up the good work!;)

XtremelyVenomous responds:

thanks for stopping by :3

I rather have several enemies on screen at once instead of running through a long and empty level. It's boring and uninteresting. It doesn't matter if you put a lot of effort into the fighting mechanics, and the animation. All that comes to nought when you skimp on the level design.

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

May 19, 2016
10:11 PM EDT

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