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[SFM] Nightmares of The Old War

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A Man is drafted into the Second World War and has visions of his wife that he dearly misses...

A War-Drama by Klaytoid.

Song: "Let Them Down" by: НебоScrub

This is my first serious project I made within Source Film-maker. I hope it's not cringe-worthy. Thank you and Enjoy!

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The background noise in the first scene is a bit too loud, sometimes it's kind of hard to understand what the voice actor is saying.
And a real story arc would drag the viewer more into your movie then some shocking pictures (The soldier who lost an arm and an leg, the burning person).
Those almost appear to be a loosely connected numeration of blood & gore from the war.

But it's still a good cut-scene with a clear anti-war statement, and absolutely nothing you should be ashamed of, don't worry.

I think this have potential. In some ways, i get the metal gear solid V cutscene feel from your movie.

Klaytoid responds:

That's kinda of what I was aiming for. Thank you so much for your feedback!

Great film, though the shot seemed to drag on a little too far for the soundtrack attached.

nice to see that you didnt give up on newgrounds

Klaytoid responds:

I'll keep creating stuff until I die.

SFMs aren't exactly popular on Newgrounds, but I kind of liked it. The pacing was good, the music fit well, and the story is pretty clear. Don't worry, it's not cringeworthy. :P Although, I thought it was pretty cheesy and even though the story is easy to understand, I thought it was kind of overdone. Also, this is likely out of your control, but the models are pretty out of date and I think it would have been best to use ones from other games. It kind of takes away from it, if that makes sense.

Klaytoid responds:

I understand. SFM is kinda hard to be creative with since I only have limited models and knowledge on how to create my own for 3D animation but, this is my first actual Animation that I aimed for a serious dramatic approach. It's not Golden, but I plan on going back into some Flash animation to expand my techniques and knowledge with 2D animation. I don't plan on sticking with SFM because it's hard enough to make things work within Source as it is. But, I'll probably do something else with it that doesn't seem mediocre. I appreciate your feedback a lot. YouTube doesn't have a helpful community so I'm glad I stuck with newgrounds!

Thank you very much!


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3.13 / 5.00

May 17, 2016
6:22 PM EDT