The Murder Express

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EDIT: Daily 1st!? This is amazing, thank you so much! Glad people are enjoying this one. If anyone wants to download this title, I can provide a link for windows users, pm me and I'll hook you up. The downloadable version is far less buggier, I know that's an issue for some but trust me, the swf version and downloadable version are a world of difference.

Climb aboard the murder train!

The Murder Train is a clue-like "who-dun-it" where the player is trapped on a train with a murderer. Mr Duvall has been murdered and everyone's a suspect. The player must follow the clues, recover the murder weapon, and solve the case. But beware! There's a murderer on board, get to close when the lights go out and BAM!

Follow the clues. Solve the case. Survive a ride on the murder train!

This game is RANDOMLY different every time, different killer, different scenario, different clues everytime you play! Who will it be next time?


I liked the premise but there are a number of problems.

1.Both the main menu music and the music that plays on the radio are to loud and the voices sometimes
aren't clear enough.The should be some form of volume control or at least a mute button.

2.It's difficult to telegraph when the lights are coming on or off.

3.There no way of telling if you have the key or not.

4.The menus are to intrusive.You should be able to skip the tutorial and the journal should automatically turn off if the player is sprinting.Also if you pick up the murder weapon it can get covered up by the menus.

5.Having the "S" button be both the talk and room change button is irritating.The player should be able to just use the up arrow to change rooms.

6.There should be an indicator of who you are talking to.People names should appear above their speech box.

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I liked it but the use of the keys was a little clunky. It would have been nice to be able to use the mouse a bit more. Especially when it came to getting out of the pop-up dialogs.
Beyond that, I really liked it. The voice acting, style and music were spot on for the genre. Reminded me of the old Bogey and Bacall films.

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We need more games like that.

I love the suspense!

My thought's: TheMillz, You've done it again, you've made another, simple yet fun and addicting game and put it on newgrounds. The art style is amazing, the animations are well made, the mechanics are simple, which is perfect, because the game is made to make you think about anything but which button does what. It's YOUR job to remember, or write down what you find, YOUR JOB to figure out who the murderer is. Great job man, keep it up.

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TheMillz responds:

Glad you think so ;)

Also notice you appretiate my work, leaving nice reviews and what not. I sent you a link in your private message box to some of my other works, the kind I can't release on NewGrounds due to format reasons. Hope you find something in there that interest you!

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3.33 / 5.00

May 17, 2016
4:13 PM EDT
Action - Other