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The Littlest Penguin

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May 17, 2016 | 10:45 AM EDT

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EDIT: Frontpage!? Holy hell it's been a while, thanks!

Follow the adventures of the littlest penguin, a children's story narrated by a psychotic author.

NOTE: This game was made in 2 days for a game jam, mostly a story delivery device, gameplay wise...what's there is there....

NOTE 2: I'm sorry to all who requested subtitles, I actually DID add them, but MMF2 is a piece of shit software and wont let them work right in the swf version. If you NEED subs, you can DOWNLOAD a working exe version of the game where SUBTITLE WORK PERFECTLY from this page:



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good idea, but the buildup was a bit obvious, I am bad with rating stuff, so I just talk about something else:

I found a few glitches/bugs, some of which are different in the downloadable .exe.


-Behaviour on edges is funny and bugged.
-For all glitches/bugs that also work in the .exe the camera is propably placed/locked differently than for the flash version.

First Area:

1: Walking up to the left wall and jumping once whilst still pushing against it will put you out of bounds and freeze the camera in place. If you jump again whilst out of bounds you will hear the underwater ambient and get pushed out of the area below the shelf. Doing this in the .exe and instead walking left will result in the same as jumping in the flash version, but jumping in the .exe did softlock the game.

2. Doing the same as before but pressing the up key for more than one jump and keeping it pressed until you appear on the upper left edge of the screen, being pushed back in bounds as if approaching the wall underwater. You now have the swimming animation and the movement in all directions (up, down, left, right) is unrestricted. If you now press down+left or right and touch the ground, you will slightly clip into it, losing your ability to move vertically. In this state you can still hear the underwater ambient, have the swimming animation but can only jump. If you keep the keys pressed, the penguin will eventually be with his stomach on the ground, releasing the keys now will set you a bit above the ground. Then pressing up will make your penguin balance on his beak. Entering the water will reset the animation and ambient, but the camera will still be frozen in place. Got this to work in the .exe once, the camera is placed differently.

Second Area:

1: If you walk up to the wall and jump whilst walking right for a few seconds, you'll clip through the border once again, but now you are under the shelf , with the normal ambient but you can walk. This way you don't have to kill the old penguin.

Third Area:

1: You don't have to kill 10 penguins to leave the area.

2: The collision of the club stops you from clipping through the border with the same method. You instead have to walk a bit to the right and then press up+space and immediately switch to left instead of right. When you then arrive at the wall you have to press space again at a certain point of the jump. Reproducing this one was extremely hard, and the few times I got it to work, it propably was just luck, so i cant tell you how its done exactly. Sorry. What I can tell you though is that walking left doesn't do anything different than jumping, which is that you will walk under the shelf, but with a frozen camera.

(I am very sure that the 'edge' you jump on here is in relation to the possible out of bounds in this area.)
3: You can walk up to the right border and press right-key+up-Key+spacebar at roughly the same time and the penguin will jump, then upon coming back down, hover briefly (~3 seconds) height and duration are in proportion to the time difference in pressing up and space, whilst hovering it will look as if he stood on an edge with a very low part of his body. (Clip up and down, whilst creating the particle for landing). Sometimes you'll just hover until you walk, jump or swing the club and the animation won't play.

Fourth Area:

1: This out of bounds works exactly as the one of the second area, but there is something interesting to note here: The penguins that normally should look at you, now turn there backs at you if you walk past them.

Fifth Area:

1: The collision on the left border is very weird, you get pushed away, stand on invisible edges etc. This allows the following: You can walk up to it and hold jump, this will result in an levitation in steps. For a more smooth one, walk up to it, and before you touch it, press the up-key and keep both left and up pressed. Doing this too long will trap your penguin in the invisible wall, essentially softlocking the game.

2: The Chainsaw is even better than the club at blocking an out of bounds, since it has no swinging animation that will move you, or change momentum or something. So there is no out of bounds here.

Sixth Area:

Nothing, Sorry.

TheMillz responds:

How can you write as essay's worth of bug reports and not even mention the spelling error on the sign? XD


Rated 5 / 5 stars

as loving penguins, this horrified me, but it was good.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Saw Markiplier play this. Its odd how the narrator is so monotone in the game...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have not felt this pleased in so long a time.

Ohh, yesss~

Very well done narration, it made the tale feel so fantastically real as if I was littlest penguin.
Most satisfied. Well done gentlemen, well done indeed.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

should add more things to do.