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Balloon King

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Blue Balloon 5 Points

Pop 100 balloons!

Credits Checker 5 Points

Appreciate the people involved in the project!

Red Balloon 10 Points

Pop 500 balloons!

Green Balloon 25 Points

Pop 2,000 balloons!

Balloon King 50 Points

Become the Balloon King!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Help Timmy become the Balloon King and pop the balloons, but don't let the poisonous balloons explode as they will release the gas which can hurt the inhabitants of your city!

Game Instructions:
1. Pop(use your [LMB]!) the blue balloons for money bonus and green balloons for additional darts, but don't let them escape! Don't pop the red toxic balloons and let them fly away into the atmosphere! Watch your dart count, but usually by the end of the game you'll have over 9000!
2. Hold [Shift] to slow down the time for period of time. Watch the bar on the lower left! You can upgrade the bar by hitting [A].
3. Press [Q] to expand the list of upgrades! Hold your left hand close to the keys of [W], [E], [R], [T] and [A], because you will need these! You can pause the game with [X] if you can't keep up with reading these, cause honestly I can't keep up with these neither. :D


July 3 update:
Medals are back!


June 3 update:

Due to people constantly experiencing game freezing while reaching 100 balloons and so on, I've decided to shut down the medal system until I figure out what went wrong.


May 19 update:

1. One more medal! Just for the sake of it! :D
2. Replaced seconds survived timer with balloons popped counter so you can see how many balloons you need to exterminate until that well-deserved medal!
3. Fixed many various other small bugs which I promised to fix to the several of you!
4. Are more updates coming? Heck yes, you bet it! Keep checking in here every day/week/month!


May 18 update:

1. Added medals! Now you can earn the medals for playing! There are 6 medals to earn right now and might be more coming in the near future!
2. Fixed the rank bug where you could not rank up above 7,000XP! Now you can reach the highest rank without problems!

This is the project which took me pretty much about two years. There's been lots of effort put into this. It featured a whole map(which was first hand-drawn, then redrawn and then turned into 3D), a balloon vendor module where you could sell balloons, and plans for many more, but due to so much cluttery and to save game size, I decided to cut on that and focus only one one module, the lil' balloon popping game.

All artwork is mine! Some is done in 2014, some in 2015 and some in 2016, so you can clearly see some things looking 100x uglier but it's nice for me to look at that change. XD Game is made with Construct 2 engine!

Also, this game has no ads, no way of monetization no anything, and never will! If you'd like to support me with further projects make sure to check out my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/babipoki

Many thanks to Ken for hosting my files for testing and generally ALWAYS helping me out! <3

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I could buy upgrades with no problem.
But the game freezes and the medals didn't trigger for me.
It froze with almost 10k experience, more than 1200 darts and 1065 ballons popped.

It's too easy and unbalanced, but better than some timepassing games I've seen lately.
The latest art parts looks really modern and nice. The music is good and fits the game.
I just wonder how the game finishes or what is the highest rank.

So simple... Yet so adictive! Good music and upgrade sistem. The thing is, the game got stuk when i reached 10000, and it didn´t gave me any medal. You should make a mobile phone version!

its nothing to new. and it freezes up alot

As mentioned before the game freezes after getting a score of 300+ wheter i'm using Chrome or Firefox which is a shame because i like it so far and i see you've really putted some effort into this game.

I'll come back some time later, hoping it'll be fixed.

Good luck!

ErnieTheMighty responds:

Hey! Thanks for the review! Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out what went wrong, because the whole API script stayed the same and unchanged. People starting having trouble somewhere not long ago, as if the API changed or the game itself did.

I had no choice but to remove the medals, because I am in no programming stance to fix this issue, even while using Construct 2 engine. It's sad that it ended that way and I'm sure it'll bring many negative reviews now, but I'm left between that or deleting the game itself...

is entertaining until it freezes, also i can't upgrade
is this only happening to me? i am sure is not my connection