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A Midnight Drink

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Not too much more to say than the other description... soo.. uhh.. oops.

I know animation isn't that good so shhhh, I know.

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Um okay

This is good. It has good humor, fine voice acting etc. The only thing bad is the animation and *checks description*.... Oh.

ASaltySquare responds:

lol ya the things that I've made since that have been at least a lil bit better, I guess everyone's gotta start somewhere :)

hehehe, this was a funny, nicely drawn, and well-animated little movie!
i liked how the stickman's nostrils were flaring, and how he was walking like a ''zombie'', since he was still sleepy and tired, and i also liked his ''wavy arms'' movement, as he was trying to reach for the glass of water, in order to drink some H2O...

and then... when he talked with the SJW glass, his reaction in the end was priceless! XD
im also sick and tired of those SJW's that pop-up everywhere, and scream about the stupidest of all reasons.... :P (''videogame injustice''?! ''triggered''?! )
here's my message to SJW's:
do you want to ''save women''? go in middle east, and fight for their rights!
pffft, SJW's are just whiny crybabies, really.

but anyhow, your movie was good, clever, and nicely animated!
good work!
plz do more! keep it up!

ASaltySquare responds:

I did do more... in the same day :p Had a bit of a backlog i never bothered to put up.

good animation but drawings could be better

ASaltySquare responds:

pls i know :'( cri, considering this was the first thing I ever did I'm pretty happy with it tho.