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The People You'll Meet at Fast Food

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A video I made for fun! I want to do this sort of thing more often, I will go up in quality, this is just my first! Any feed back appreciated!
Not trying to come off as a complainer, and I know the vast majority doesn't fit here, but hopefully I brought to light something in your mind.
Music: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/574484
My YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/Alexkazam222

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You need to turn up the volume on your voice or something because I can hardly hear you and when I turned up the volume to hear the dubstep came in and blew my ears out. The animation is not bad and the dialogue you say is pretty interesting. I think the only bad thing about it is the dubstep and the low mic volume.

Alexkazam222 responds:

This was my first ever video, so yeah, tons of problems XD

I enjoyed that. You had some good points and they were well made :-) But what about the irritating customers that sit and chat after they've finished eating, but the restaurant is full and other customers are waiting to sit. Aarrgh! :-)

I think you've got the message about the audio :-) Good responses to other peoples comments too. You're clearly listening and wanting to improve. That's cool :-) Bonus star for that.

Software? Get Krita (www.krita.org). That will massively increase your potential.

Alexkazam222 responds:

Thanks! I really do want to improve, as this school year is about to end I'll have more time to hone my skill!

Like everyone else, I think the transition music is way too loud.

Really like the idea of the video, the subject matter is relatable , it's just not good visuals.

Also you sound like LeafyIsHere. Not a good or bad thing, just something I noticed.

Alexkazam222 responds:

Never seen a LeafyIsHere video, do I really XD

I used Microsoft paint, visuals were a challenge for me, I now have access to better stuff, so I hope to improve greatly.

Though I enjoy videos like these, between the sub-par stick figures (Did you use a mouse?) and the sudden loud music between scenes... I'm just not too crazy about this.
I do like the voice though, and the scenes are relatively well planned for what is being said.

Alexkazam222 responds:

I used a graphics tablet. Unfortunately I only had access to crappy software when making this...
The music so far is the number one criticized thing in this video and I will try to do better :)

Very relatable and very funny. I work at fastfood, too. Its this and SO much more. I just wish you animated more smoother but y'know we all have to start somewhere.

Alexkazam222 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm hoping to get to that point someday!