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Piracy Is Not A Victimless Crime

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A boy develops an unhealthy nostalgia for the glue of envelopes after his dad is given the death penalty for pirating Disney movies.

(It's recommended you turn up the volume a little bit)

You can read Stephen's letter exchanges with his father here:

Or write to Stephen Cooper himself, just email:

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It's an interesting story, but why the fuck is it a parody? Cuz it's more of a depressing drama.
And who the hell gets the death penalty for pirating? Seriously, you'd get the death penalty for murder, but not pirating.
It's good, but it just... didn't make me laugh. I came in expecting a parody, and I got a depressing drama.
But other than the miscategorization I liked it. It was interesting.

Not funny, depressing and NOT a parody. This isn't a parody at least google search if you don't know how to make a parody. A parody involves poking fun at, humorously criticizing an idea or story bringing to light the silliness of the idea.

If author was trying to make a 'dark-comedy' well..., he failed miserably at that too. You should search newgrounds for parodies on funny shows, like Akame ga Kill parody etc., now that's gold.

"This is the One that an inspiration of my interest deserves to be the One for which I called...a
Majestically, Triumphing Picture that has never been looked like it's the Greatest One of all!"

- ("Mastermaker") Andrew (of WHISTLER FALLS PRODUCTIONS)

Jeez dude, way to respond so seriously to this video. It's a joke.
Also, IP does not stand for intellectual property, and intellectual property also has a lifespan of 100 years, not 10. Though this may vary per country.

Bleak-Creep responds:

For some reason I've actually gotten a decent amount of responses that have taken this as a some kind of cautionary tale. I didn't think I was really being all that subtle in the fact that it's a parody.

No, there is no death penalty. Furthermore, Intellectual Property (IP) is subject to expiration therefore maximum life that an IP might have is 10 years. About piracy, every single person does it, but they are never caught, they even profit from it. I wrote a huge list of people who are abusing Intellectual Property rights of others in Newgrounds forums (General forums), it's listed as con-artists on the internet.

Yes, they profit from it. When they're caught the minimum would be 2 years imprisonment, 5 years or a maximum of 10 years (if case involves serious violations). Some people even buy their products without caring about piracy. Piracy runs in softwares, to videos (being download and re-uploaded), to Music being (download and re-uploaded as a remix or something).

Also, don't push for making a story too sad or to severe of consequences. Let's be realistic here, a person doesn't get death penalty for piracy since the products life cycle tends to mature and soon decline (search product life cycle for more info). Also you should stop sending mails to someone who doesn't want them - you might end up in trouble.

Hit up some old movie or some old song - you might laugh at it for being 'goofy' or out of the current times tastes/trends. That's how Intellectual Property works it's subject to expiry, what old people find interesting might be boring to us.

Nice job by the narration and animation. Good use of soundtracks.