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Dark Souls 3 1996 version

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Dark Souls 3 remade on PS1/N64

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Download alternate cover art for ps4 and xbox one here:

please check out those who made this video possible

Ryan Price: http://ryb0rg.tumblr.com/

HellkiteDrake: https://www.youtube.com/user/hellkite...

MegaMoeka: http://www.megamoeka.com/

Thanks for watching!

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Kings Field in third person. Good stuff!

Dark resident evil soul
Very good idea and funny, with cameo of other games.

The user "Kanef" have the reason, looks very like kings field

Perfect, this is exactly what it would of looked like if it was made in this time period. I liked it, got a little boring at the end but good job!

I love how the menu screen had that cheesy anime art. That got me perfectly. JRPGs used to do that shit all the time! Crazy man! That fade to black too...good times. Very nostalgic man. What did you do? Was this all animation or was it like a game engine you manipulated or made from scratch?

Regardless of what you did fantastic man. Made me feel nostalgic.

I do love seeing different takes on the Souls series. This stands out proud in my opinion. I like the look of the retro style. Strangely enough, I think I would still play this game. Lol.