Bernie Sanders: The Game

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You have to steal all the capitalism, freedom, and tax payer's money. Try to get to 100 points.

(I made this in an hour for my programming class)

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The only real criticism is like one of the commenters said below, the drawing of Bernie is not very up to spec. I like the communist hymn that plays when you win. It was truly a trifecta of bad choices though, each of them bad in their own way. I would say Bernie, like Trump, really on a mission to do what they think is best, but the irony being that each of their ideas of what that is are counterproductive. Hillary on the other hand would have been evil deliberately. But Trump I think will be remembered as better than W at least, not that that's saying a lot. As long as he lives long enough to prevent there from being a president Pence. Why is it that we can't get any intelligent scientifically minded people who don't have insane ideas ever even run for president? Even in the movie Idiocracy, they put the person they identified as the smartest man in the world in office and that makes them way smarter than us.

Being bernie is hard.

I understand you made this in an hour and i agree with what you are saying but bernie looks like david letter man. maybe polish it up a ton before publishing?

Although i disagree with the game's content i find it to be quite humorous. The main issue I have with the game is the lack of work done to it. I understand that it was only done in an hour, but you are publishing this game with very little work done to it. If, perhaps, the aesthetics were enhanced then i would have rated it higher, but as it stands now i view it as a half-finished project.

It wasn't good at all.Not even satire at all.

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May 9, 2016
5:21 PM EDT
Action - Other