Strategic Tic-Tac-Toe

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The game has really got new strategy dimension with all these boards. You can play against the computer or with a friend at the same computer.

The cell where you placed your sign determines a board where your opponent must place his/her sign. You have to form a line of 3 won boards to win the game.

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very unique concept, plays very well considering the multi layered complex gameplay.

i'd love to see an online version, though with screen sharing that isn't really necessary.

plus it'd probably be extremely difficult and a bit costly to make servers.

overall it's perfect in execution.

With my move possibilities being decided by the game that throws all strategy out the window, might as well be rolling dice or better yet why not have the game just make my decisions for me and I can then be doing something else.

GeneralVimes responds:

It's not the game, it's you opponents decides where you will move. And you'll decide for your opponent

Now that's a clever improvement of a game everyone knows, really nicely done!

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you!

I liked it, but I also won without even realizing what the goal was until after I'd completed my first board. I feel like you don't need a lot of strategy to beat the AI. Haven't tried it against a human.

GeneralVimes responds:

I'm going to add online multiplayer soon

I already suck at 1 tic-tac-toe, so there's no way I could play this, let alone win against a Computer lol.

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3.47 / 5.00

May 9, 2016
7:52 AM EDT
Strategy - Other