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Ores Finder

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Find and mine ores to get money.
Buy upgrades, pets and decorate your home.
Get eight different types of minerals.
Get all the pickaxes and costumes for your character.
Get many different types of pets.

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It was a really nice game i hope the developer creates a new game or a second version

This was a very entertaining game. It helped me bide my time and since there was no time limit for anything i could take my time doing other things between upgrades. a recommendation for the game would be for the pressure upgrades to continue so you could go deeper since the game shows more after 150. the house was a nice touch for wasting money and the pets are pretty neat. Overall, i rate this game 5 stars in mindless fun.

i put you 5 stars because i am your brother. But low the price of the duck

Solid game for what it is. Needs more...just...more. I was bored so I decided to beat it all the way through and get everything and it took me about 45 minutes but I was bored after 10 minutes. Not being able to go up is a huge pain in the ass. The first time I went down I painstakingly built stairs only to find out I couldn't go back up. Once I had upgraded everything one trip to the mine bought me everything in the house. I see a lot of potential for this to be a harvest moon type game with npcs, people to buy gifts for, houses to upgrade, automatic miners, additional space in the house, different things to add more benefits (such as upgrading bed to stay in the mine longer). That's what playing it felt like more than minecraft was some cross between Harvest Moon and Motherload. I wouldn't add enemies but maybe items and blocks that can hurt you like lava pockets or something.

Like I said, all in all really solidly made for what it was but the whole game felt lacking like there was something more you were working to add in and just never got around to doing.

I see some promise in this project, but at it's current state, it's quite boring. The movement and mining speed should be sped up a bit.
The game also desperately needs music! A good soundtrack might make this an excellent time killer!