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Cathode Raybits 2

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Aqua Bot 50 Points

Defeat Aqua Bot

Electro Bot 50 Points

Defeat Electro Bot

Flame Bot 50 Points

Defeat Flame Bot

Gyro Bot 50 Points

Defeat Gyro Bot

Leaf Bot 50 Points

Defeat Leaf Bot

Rocket Bot 50 Points

Defeat Rocket Bot

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Added some extra checkpoints in Gyro, Leaf and Electro Bot stages.
Controls can be changed.

YES! I FINISHED IT. PROLLY PATCH IN SOME STUFF AT A LATER DATE THOUGH. (I didn't have time to finish a custom soundtrack, so you've got to make do with some old crap I had lying on my HDD since 2013/14)

So a little project I had going at the start of April, although most of the game was made in prolly two weeks. It's vastly improved from the first game, Raybits 1. (Actually about 90% a new engine that's running this so it should play and feel better)

There might be a few glitches/bugs here and there, I'll patch those up at a later date, I just wanted this out by tonight!)

So 'ere be the sequel to my de-make 8-bit remake of Cathode Raybits. Six new bots to take care of in this somewhat homage to Mega Man!

Arrows: Move
A: Shoot
S: Jump
Enter: Menu
+/- Buttons: Change Volume

I'm prolly going to patch in some new stuff in the following weeks like a better soundtrack and possibly an endless run mode if it's well received. Anyway hope you enjoy and HAPPY PICO 2016!


(But now, time to rest.)

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The game plays like and is heavily inspired by Mega Man, if the title screen and controls are anything to go by, but that's where the similarities end--the rest of the game looks and feels like Contra. The level design and enemy placement feel a lot like Contra, and the art style and enemy design look a lot like Contra, so I try to aim in 8 directions but can't. Aside from the Mega Man controls not working well with the Contra everything, it's just jarring in general. Let this game serve as a living reminder that Mega Man and Contra go together like strawberry jam and soy sauce.

Oh, also, bad design decision to make enemies respawn the instant their slice of screen real estate scrolls off-camera. I think you were going for "Nintendo hard" difficulty, but the enemy AI is nonexistent, so it's just tedious. NES games are "hard" because they are usually designed poorly on purpose to create artificial difficulty so the player feels like they got more content for their buck than they actually did. It's mostly cheap stuff that you can get past easily with some muscle memory and patience rather than a true challenge. IWBTG hits that nail on the head, as the game is actually very easy once you learn how to play it properly.

Why is this cool game have no check points the torture!! I want achievements but cant also re spawning enemies like crazy for elctro!

:) Is fanstastic the game

so this is pretty much mega man 2 mixed with cathode raybots

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

May 7, 2016
10:21 PM EDT