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Achillia: The Game

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Elementary 5 Points

Get gold star on first five stages

Give Up! 5 Points

Die 33 times

High School 5 Points

Get gold star on second five stages

It was worth it 5 Points

Use poison the wrong way

It's not over yet! 5 Points


Need Tutorial? 5 Points

Lose in stage 8

Zombie Fighter 5 Points

Kill 20 zombies

Bachelor 10 Points

Get gold star on 4th five stages

Bulldozer 10 Points

Break 20 walls

Crush Them 10 Points

Kill 100 small enemies

Devil Killer 10 Points

kill 20 red devils

Diploma 10 Points

Get gold star on Third five stages

Master's 10 Points

Get gold star on 5th five stages

Not so dark now 10 Points

Kill darkness boss 5 times

Trash Gifts 10 Points

Make 30 items in the shop

Violent Turnado 10 Points

Make a powerful drill without powerups

Zombie Killer 10 Points

kill 50 red zombies

Doctorate 25 Points

Get gold star on 6th five stages

Illegal Material 25 Points

Get a 36 damage in a single hit

Is this heaven? 25 Points

Use poison the right way

Professional 50 Points

Get gold star on all stages

Game Master 100 Points

Get gold star on all stages using only 25HP or less potions

Author Comments

Battle hordes of enemies and put your side scroller skills to test.
Keys: Arrows and A,S,D
Open stash to modify your inventory.
Sell items to get better ones.

I apologise for the loading screen. Couldn't make it activate before everything loads.

Also, please note that music only downloads when you go to the stage, so it might take a while for musics to load.

Hope that won't hinder your experience.


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stage 13 is way too hard i used all my powerups just trying to beat it

GuzuLigo responds:

When you become really good playing your own game, you end up making it unreasonably difficult for others.

I can't fix the game now, but I can give you few tricks if you wish to play more.

Jump and then hold "A" forever. This way, you'll auto use potion when you die making your attacks more powerful and gives you invincibility time.

Also, the most powerful attack is when you hit down + D while jumping. So, use x2 and keep using it. And it is even more powerful if you do it while you are rising in a spin.

Well, if I get the chance to make a game in the future, guess I'll try to avoid making it hard or long.

Pure Garbage. Here is why: in crucial moments, A button is not responsive. S button does jack shit to avoid damage. The enemy overwhelms you and constantly blast you, even if you lie down to the point of killing the character. It's painfully visible in Stage 10. What's the point of selling stuff? Where is the shop? The requirements for gold star are completely unreasonable. The game is very repetitive and boring. Some moments are total overkill, and in a bad way. You are the only person, who has the majority of the medals, that alone should tell you how badly designed the game is.

Way too repetitive. The monsters and environment are way too over-recycled. Animations are fair enough, but everything could use more detail added. It's soso. Felt really dry overall.

Interesting. I liked the desing and music, but the combat sistem it´s repetitive and the history doesn´t realy make that much sense. There´s no introduccion into the characters, the enemies are generic and it may become lagy very easily. Anyway, it´s very original itself, and entretaining for some time.

It's very well designed and fluid, but I'm pretty sure when you hit the d,d (hold)d combo you're invincible.

Not fully tested but it looks like there might be a conflict with the hit box being off