Super Newgrounds Hyper Fighter II

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When we start out as an artist or as an animator we sometimes dream of making a super cool fighting game with our very own characters someday. Unfortunately we still cant quite do that, but we can make some cool art for some cool people!

I mean technically speaking, if somebody knows how to program very well and wants to help do it I don't see why we couldn't make this a real game.....

In the meantime enjoy this mock up/art. We admire these artists and hope they get some measure of entertainment from this. Never forget the dream!

If you want to know more about a character/artist select the characters!

Patch notes:
- added a 15 round clip to Tankman's gun instead of it having unlimited ammo, to compensate he can now no-clip through the arena.

-Buffed Biteys running speed, actually invisible while running now instead of a brown smear.

-Zones tentacles now do 13 damage instead of 69. Was a little too strong.

-Dr. Bees now explodes into yet more bees when he dies.

-Tom's downward running grab can now chain into itself. Dunk those fools out of the portal.

-Redminus's attacks no longer cause random tweening effects.

-Fernando's ultimate now actually causes physical changes in the bodies of prepubescent children.

-Increased the hitbox of all punching moves to physically impact newgrounds users that don't read this.

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The Newgrounds Rumble sequel we want, but never deserved

All jokes aside, for what's essentially a little hub for NG icons it's pretty neat.
It's both an interactive gag, and a hall of fame. With stellar art and BGM to match

this is really great nice job on picking the channels this would be a really cool fighting game you should add medals im sure people would loove medals with there charecters faces on it

Is it supposed to be playable? When I select a character - all it does is opening user profile in new tab. Is there supposed to be a fighting game?


''opens zone-SAMA character''

what im doing with my life

Template88 responds:


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May 7, 2016
1:16 PM EDT
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