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Super Newgrounds Hyper Fighter II

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When we start out as an artist or as an animator we sometimes dream of making a super cool fighting game with our very own characters someday. Unfortunately we still cant quite do that, but we can make some cool art for some cool people!

I mean technically speaking, if somebody knows how to program very well and wants to help do it I don't see why we couldn't make this a real game.....

In the meantime enjoy this mock up/art. We admire these artists and hope they get some measure of entertainment from this. Never forget the dream!

If you want to know more about a character/artist select the characters!

Patch notes:
- added a 15 round clip to Tankman's gun instead of it having unlimited ammo, to compensate he can now no-clip through the arena.

-Buffed Biteys running speed, actually invisible while running now instead of a brown smear.

-Zones tentacles now do 13 damage instead of 69. Was a little too strong.

-Dr. Bees now explodes into yet more bees when he dies.

-Tom's downward running grab can now chain into itself. Dunk those fools out of the portal.

-Redminus's attacks no longer cause random tweening effects.

-Fernando's ultimate now actually causes physical changes in the bodies of prepubescent children.

-Increased the hitbox of all punching moves to physically impact newgrounds users that don't read this.

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A fun game

Alright so I will start this review off with a word and that is that this was outstanding and even a little divine but thats just because I did enjoy this, Well I have to say is that this is actually a fun game I do feel like you could have added even more content all throughout, The showcasing of art and music really make this a fun game and am pretty impressed with the content you do have, ultimately you could work more on this, And I will elaborate a little more on that later in the improvments section, but for the most part you do have something pretty decent, ifact it was more then decent.

But as I wind down this review its a nice game with some really good creative minds and sounds so awsome job on that, This has a swanky and even a groovy visual effect to it, and that was nice and even somewhat fitting, So in my eyes you have distributed something pretty good here something solid and an overall good flash piece, And for sure hope you make even more games such as this one in the near future.


you can't play the game anymore


Template88 responds:


how i select a character :( (the game actually plays with an controller or something?)

Oh no Flash has moided this game

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3.59 / 5.00

May 7, 2016
1:16 PM EDT