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Brand new cartoon series to come. This first pilot I made myself using PAINT on the Lenovo computer at the Hotel Front Desk Computer. No budget for the making of this, I am completely self taught and did every individual frame on paint myself. I also did the voice acting, the story boarding, and the sound effects that come from the cheap quality microphone installed on the actual computer itself. I wanted to show my skillset and creativity without the fancy tech and expensive hardware. Just think, if I can make this with just using Paint and pathetically basic hardware and lame software, image what I am capable of doing with more high end software and hardware.

The video is cut short on purpose and ends with cut-scenes from the next video installment where the bird gets choked out by the big Ram.

This is the first sneak peak of my cartoon series to come. The other episodes will also be made through the medium of using PAINT as my primary art platform.

I really look forward to feedback on this video from everyone. It's, my first video animation I ever made and I taught myself and did every step of creative solo/alone. There are a ton more characters than just these three with tons more backgrounds and scenery scenes to come.

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Not bad, but you should probably work on something other that paint, unless your comfortable with it
Keep it up ;)

manimals7777 responds:

Thank you for the feedback. I will upgrade to different programs eventually. This was a test to show how an animation can turn out just using something as basic as paint. Thanks again