Sumo Rhythm Game

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Author Comments

A rhythm game I made for a final of my Game Development Class
Heavily based on the Rhythm Heaven series.
Could still use some tweaks, but It'll do for now.

Edit: Made some changes and now it is actually playable!


Any living human being that got the superb badge I tip my hat to you, because even though I love Rythem Heaven to death this is hard as shit. The beat can change completely and you have no notification of it, you just need to watch that damn monkey alot. I want to see more though. No matter how hard it is, feels like the Wii and the DS all over again.

I'm not sure why everyone's complaining this is hard. It's impossible for me to miss a single beat. But I guess that's because I'm a musician. lol

Galbert responds:

In fairness to them, it was a bit broken before. I fixed it up a bit after the complaints. I'm glad it's working well now.

Eh, good effort. But I like the whole rhythm heaven thing going on xD Sadly it's hard to play.

Galbert responds:

Yeah, this was the first time I made something like this. I'm sure if I make more, it'll be much better. Learn from your mistakes and all that.

it is difficult to squeeze every second bone space for you to understand better thought was every beat

Make an exclamation mark appear every time you're supposed to hit the spacebar precisely at that moment. Or else consider actually syncing it to the music. (At least the percussion part of the music). If you do sync it, make sure it's actually synced using any browser and not just whatever you're using.

Hitting it on the beat will do you no good. Intentionally hitting it off-beat won't help either. And this is coming from someone who can AAA many DDR charts and quad star some ITG charts. My rhythm definitely isn't off. It's this game.

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Galbert responds:

Yeah definitely gonna have to clalk this one up to a loss. The programing could use some work. But I'm kinda past this one. Thanks for the tips!

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2.33 / 5.00

May 5, 2016
1:53 AM EDT