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Slow Giants

rated 2.69 / 5 stars
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Skill - Avoid

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May 3, 2016 | 2:55 AM EDT

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Author Comments

!!! In the main menu hold mouse to scroll LEFT-RIGHT on the global map. You'll get to play more levels. !!!

!!!CONTROLS. Left-Right Arrow with Serpen. Left-Right Arrow + SPACE with Turturem. Mouse clicking with Bubblers.!!!

This game is a first part of global story. Three campaigns of 7 - 9 - 7 levels each in different game styles.

Serpen - a big fan of pink round things (also known as Pinkichoo). He is MONSTRODEATHSNAKE. One of his kind. He just appeared in this world and is very curious by nature. Serpen appeared at the moment when EAM race (energy race - they build fortresses, guns, electrototems) found a way to enslave a race named KAAB (bio race - Medusas, Pinkichoo, Carapace Bugs). Serpen interferes and changes a balance of powers.
Game style - we control MONSTRODEATHSNAKE. Consume pink balls to fill up health and grow in size and power. Change skin as you grow. Destroy enemies by crawling underneath and cutting them into pieces by your sharp blades on the back.

BubbleDemon somehow got out from BubbleHell. He plans to send as many as possible creatures into the BubbleHell and call more of his kind to this dimension. If it were so easy. He's facing against Carapace Bugs. Now he wants just to survive.
Game style - find all adversaries on the level and bubblaze them out. How? Point the target (with mouse or finger), wait for Demon to turn, KICK HIS BOTTOM (or slap his face - options are available) and he will accelerate towards targets spreading bubbles behind. While in turbo mode BubbleDemon hurts Carapace Bugs and sends cute Pinkichoo to BubbleHell. After getting some points (a valid currency in dimensional transactions) BubbleDemon will call reinforcements.

An ancient creature named Agni awakened from many years of slumber. The world has changed while it were away. Agni is collecting and ancient spaceship - Turturem - for travelling between worlds and dimensions.
Game style - find and collect three keys on each level activating another part of a spaceship. Once you have keys - find the spaceship part itself. Each level is a labirynth filled with carapace bugs, spikes, Spikemines and rotating coins. Collect Spikemines and avoid coins... or opposite?

If you have read to this point - thank you. You can help us. Please give us feedback. Do you like the game? What's good? What's not? How difficult it is to understand what you need to do? Any ideas for improvement?
Thank you again,
Stan and Kate.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

the gameplay is hard for not speaking enghish very well ;-(
and graphism is hard to understand too ....

stansford responds:

We'll work on easier first levels. Thanks for feedback.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great game m8 Keep it up ;)

stansford responds:

thanks ziadoa.