Room 39 - Sport Tryouts (Pilot 3/3) (NEW SERIES)

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Alex and Kian dance and rock on to music because of making their sport teams. Leo makes it but........

NOTE: If you saw the last update video on our youtube channel, we've been in a bit of a situation with the team but we're settling out. This episode was originally a short but because of the time from not posting we needed to post something. This is the end of the pilot and adventures will start!

Room 39 on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6IRVexF6yQ&list=PLysieUMkPJcYV5L8G0kl6iREaBgTQG6S6

Room 39 on zombiewolf: http://www.zombiewolf.net/room39.html

Created by Zombiewolf:


Directed by Pedrum

Written by Pedrum and Dan

Animated by Zoku

Pedrum as Alex
Kian as Kian
Dan as Leo

Thanks for watching!

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This is cool, i think.

It's not bad.

The art isn't top notch but it isn't terrible.

The animation had a few hiccups here and there and some things just happened too fast. Like when he turns on the radio he looks like he stubs his toe. And the faces move around the face sometimes when they're moving. Also, having to add an arrow pointing at someone to know who's talking is lazy, you could've just made their mouths move.

I don't know if you're trying to be funny, or if you want to make a story with a plot. Because it wasn't really funny, it felt more like a build up to some plot point in a story.

The audio is pretty bad on some characters, like the guy with the crutch.

I don't think it's bad, but it's not really good either, just in between.

ZombieWolfdotNet responds:

Hey i'm the director and lead at zombiewolf. Yes this episode was a bit weird but we've been dealing with some issues.

-Animation was rushed because we set a "To soon" release date
-The guy with bad audio lost internet so we skyped and I recorded his voice with a screen recording software
-This is the final pilot to let the audience know the base of the characters and setting. So now from all 3 pilots, they know it's a normal school, what the 3 main characters play (sports), and how they met.

I'm Very sorry if this episode wasn't good. We will improve!

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3.14 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2016
6:24 AM EDT