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A fun and complicated game in which you lead your warrior to the end of each area of orcs to carry out their mission to get all the diamond, look at the board scores to see what everyone is smarter to solving the problems of logic and strategy, using detailed objects achieved without wasting tools escape the only way out.

3000 Points to reach the top.

Important note, use the browser zoom to 100% to avoid possible errors in the game.

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Fun puzzle, clear interface, through I wish I could use keys instead of clicking.
But I'm giving up now: I'm stuck on lv14, can't kill the top orc. I think you have to kill him standing in the corner, just as he turns, but I tried several times and different timings and haven't managed. I could get closer using water, but that water is needed elsewhere to get the key. Is it my browser? Or is there a 2nd bottle of water hidden somewhere?

raptor0555 responds:

I'll see the level 14, no hidden bottles, when you leave the second door go left this is the trick, we will use the keys to a new vercion the game.

You must wait for the right time to kill the monster, at the end of the animation of each attack or use each item code, the sample is run using fire just before completing the animation it is that the ice is broken, so also when attacking a monster is right at the end of the animation of the sword will die orc.

finally, no errors, there are people who have come to the end with 3000 points.

I love this game, just a little difficult, you have to think about it haha, not everyone could get away

raptor0555 responds:

if a little difficult only use your head and evaluate the possibilities accessing aid and not waste objects, you might need them later.


raptor0555 responds:


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2.56 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2016
1:05 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG