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Cerulean Mono-Rainbow [Crossfade]

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Hi guys!


The album I’ve been talking and promising about is finally out. Yes, it’s called “Cerulean Mono-Rainbow”. Two years in the making!!

Us? We are the indie music group ‘harmonicblend’ and I am Trass, probably best known as the composer of Dreaming Mary’s OST!

This is a really big project for me because the album contains 12 songs sung by 5 different singers. This is a concept album where all the songs are blue-themed one way or another. I’ve always loved blue and consider it a part of my identity, so in a way this is an album that says a lot about me as a person. I hope it will be enjoyable! Oh, also as you may have noticed from the pv, one of the song is called Blue Dreams. Yes, this is the exact same song that is used as the theme song in the game Blue Dreams, sequel of Dreaming Mary.

You can purchase the album on bandcamp over here https://harmonicblend.bandcamp.com/album/cerulean-mono-rainbow

Or you can listen to the whole album for free instead over here https://soundcloud.com/trass84/sets/cerulean-mono-rainbow

Yes, the entire thing for FREE! In case you can’t afford to spend money on me but like my work!! (The download in soundcloud is enabled too)

If you do decide to support me and purchase the album though, there is a ‘little surprise’ waiting for you as bonus content. What is it? Find it out yourself, of course! I’m not telling!!! (PS. you may also learn more about Blue Dreams /psst)

composer // Trass
illustration // accha
art direction, design & crossfade movie // accha
mixing // clea leshlick (tr1~7, 9~12), Usachii (tr8)
mastering // clea leshlick
vocals // accha (tr1, 11, 12), Lollia (tr2~5), KT (tr6, 7, 11), Usachii (tr8, 9, 11), Lunacy (tr10, 11)
lyrics // Trass (tr1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12), Geiky (tr2, 3, 7, 9, 10), accha (tr8)
produce // Trass

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