The Great Wall of Trump

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Help Donald Trump build a wall, it’s gonna be huuuuugggeee! Click on enemies to kill them, upgrade the wall, and hit spacebar when you unlock spells to unleash trump’s fury

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fun i wish the upgrades looked better

many clicks didn't register making progression impossible.

brycer9 responds:

Can you explain further? It takes 3 clicks to kill an enemy. I'm not sure what you mean and never had this problem

Ten minutes of upgrading and clicking. Then everything is upgraded and I just sit here looking at the wall...

It's okay fun, but i really wanted the upgrades to do something visible. I have no idea what effect the abilities have. Also it needs to get harder as you go along. You have to click a lot in the start, but after a few upgrades there really i no danger anymore.

Still. Fun enough for 3 stars. I didn't expect serious game due to theme :) Keep it up.

brycer9 responds:

Thank you =) I know there's room to improve and it could be made more difficult, on the other hand someone else said it was impossible so I'm not sure at this point. As far as the abilities, teleport sends all enemies back to the start. Good for clicking them all at once. Then earthquake has a 50% chance of killing them, iceblast has 100%, and hell's fury has 100% as well.

the game concept is sooo cool, but some things spoil the gameplay...
-- it takes many clicks for killing the enemies
-- the mouse pointer is too small for aiming the also too small minions

brycer9 responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I have made their collision boxes larger than what is visible so you can click a bit outside of them and it will still have the same effect. Feel free to let me know if you have an idea on a more convenient way to damage the enemies that doesn't make the game too easy

Building a Wall, CHECK
Trump, CHECK
Impossibility for migrants to pass, CHECK (YOU SHALL NOT PASS)
Prankster Gangster Abilities, CHECK
Moats for a Castle While Its Just A Wall, CHECK
Great Trump Wall Sign, CHECK
TrumpAss Turrets, CHECK
Great Wall Upgrades, CHECK
Small Loan Of 1 Trumpillion Dollars On My Bank Since I Steal Migrant Money, CHECK
Great Comedy, CHECK
And As Last, But Not Least

Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2016
10:59 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense