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Dead Defense Public Beta

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Author Comments

WASD - Move
Mouse - Shoot
` - Fullscreen
P - Pause
1 - Pistol
2 - SMG

- More Maps/Guns
- Controllable Bots
- Shop System
- Custom defenses/Building system
- Map Editor
- Special/Super Zombies
- Open World Mode

Heck, I've been working on this game for over a year now. Ever since I released the first Dead Defense back in 2013. I'm still an amateur game developer, so please bear with me!

Please leave constructive feedback. I know the gameplay is limited and rough, but I plan on updating this game frequently with more content, starting with adding friendly and commandable bots!

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pretty good has potential.

larrynachos responds:

I had another version after this in the works for a while, but scrapped it. I hope to make a worthy successor someday!

awesome 2d games

pretty good for a beta, in the final edition you should add more weapons, and also the ammo and med kits have been appearing in side walls, also the zombies should do more damage, to easy, or multiple difficulty levels

Great Start. All the features youre planning on adding sound really good. (Ie Shop system, Guns)

Theres a weird bug where some of the ammo boxes are on boxes that you cant reach, kind of annoying.

has good potential to become a good stand-off game but isnt much at its current state

larrynachos responds:

Thanks, but I already know that. I'd like to know what you think would improve it :) Any features you'd like added, etc.