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Thanks for the frontpage! And the Daily 5th Place? Wow! Hooray!
Due to the players' feedback I created the post-jam version of 1985. The most frequently asked features were: a map and a bigger frame. Well... Here you go!

Update 1.1 (05.11.16):
- increased game resolution from 64x64 to 170x96;
- added minimap;
- adjusted jump strength of tall character;
- few small bug fixes.

This is my entry for the Lowrez Jam 2016 (https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam2016).

The legend of the video game industry was born back in 1985. What if Shigeru Miyamoto and his team designed Super Mario Bros as a metroidvania type of game? Well... Let's try to imagine in this little tribute to the good old days.

You can use keyboard and that's fine. But this game also has gamepad support. You should give it a try!

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Nihilist, realistic mario for the win.

I like this. This is, this is the way Mario should be. Or should I say, this is the REAL Mario. I like how Mario and the enemies look more realistic, more believable, uglier. The enemies are grungier, more disgusting, at least the mushroom things are, they're grotesque. And the little details, like how when Mario grows but hasn't gotten any firepower, when idle, he periodically scratches his butt while standing there.... but once he gets firepower, he shows off his tiny bicep muscle, to signify that he's strong now. And it ends with the princess being a lie (portal reference, the cake is a lie). She's not just not in another castle, she's a lie, she don't exist, he gets no reward for defeating the boss, and everything he's done, has been pointless, no one cares about your accomplishment and it doesn't matter, and what have you been doing all this time? Running around, stomping on and immolating a bunch of animals, that's all, so congratulations on that. It's somewhat satisfying to get all 99 coins, all the items, kill all the enemies and win it with 0 deaths, but ultimately pointless, you don't get anything extra for it. Nice mine turtles too. Also, even though the music is fairly simple on a short loop, I like it more than the original mario music too. It goes along with it in no sense being a jolly situation. Kind of reminds me of the canabalt music. Grim and setting the mood at pessimistic.

It's a revisit to Mario, to 1985, but of course, when you look back and try to recapture the past, it's not the same. This is why time travel desperately needs to be created already.

Wolod responds:

Wow! Just wow! It's the biggest and the most complex review any of my games ever received. At least I can't recall anything more impressive. Had great time reading it. Thank you!

the game is good and i win

Wolod responds:



Wolod responds:

Thank you!!!

I Beat The Game

Wolod responds:


I really liked the game, but i have 1 question. How to you pull up the minimap? Thanks!

Wolod responds:

Thank you, glad that you enjoyed it. Minimap is show on the pause screen. Press Esc or P to pause game.

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3.70 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2016
11:40 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop