Epic City Builder 3

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Advanced City Builder. Random Map generation, Disasters. Elevated terrain and lakes. Huge map larger then any Sim City Game. Subways. Plumping. Bus stops, Pools, Schools, Airports, Hospitals, Police and fire departments. City Budgets and Ordinances.

Much Much more.

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whoa, sc2000 in flash, quite the exercise in flash development, i guess flash is far from dying huh hehe, i guess its worth even if only for the novelty of it, with flash being much more inefficient than say sc2000 native code,

i checked some review for "epic city 2a" and im surprised i haven't seen anyone comment on the mouse only interface,

it really is necessary to be able to use keyboard shortcuts and mod keys (control shift) to use alternate function for the tools

most common things you use all the time with keyboard are zoom, rotate, at least those need hotkeys

you also have to keep re-selecting a tool for every strip of road/zone/etc you wish to place, very annoying,
no pause button (or speed)?

the toolbar graphics could be smaller and compact/minimalistic, no need for glass effecs, but that's just my preference

perhaps it also needs an option for low graphics?
in my single core 1xxxMhz laptop right from the start this swf hogs the cpu, could it be the graphics since there's no road, zone or population? this runs fine most real time tactical/strategy flash game, with hundreds of zombies and what not...

btw, simcity1 was released open source and someone ported it to javascript/html5, so it includes all inner calculations, the damn thing gets pretty cpu heavy later on as the city grows too much.

could use a way to undo multiple actions but other then that it is a vary good simulation.

Every time i earn money from taxes, the "budget" menu does open itself. I do not know if this is an bug, or the game gives me to understand that I have received payment. This is a great simulator, such a free SimCity, you deserve 5 stars for you whole work on this game.

LordGarland responds:

Thanks. This is like old school Sim City games. Yes the budget is supposed to show up every year.

Pace of the game is too slow (for me) but still great sim.

LordGarland responds:

Thanks. A huge amount of work went into this game. It has just about everything Sim City 2000 had. There isn't that much more that can be added to the game.

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3.51 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2016
7:07 PM EDT
Simulation - Other