Nano Empire

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A network of nanorobots gives humans godlike power. What will you do with yours?

-Create your own world! Build, upgrade, and explore a unique combination of glorious locations. No two worlds are the same!

-Wage war against 10 enemy personalities, from giant scorpion matriarchs to ruthless space pirates!

-Embark on secret missions, discover dark truths, and take action. Many lives will depend on your choices!

An incremental strategy game designed for depth and replayability.


doesn't work in chrome

Forcing the player to fight is ridiculous, considering you are making it where they are losing resources faster than they can make them, so for every step you take you take two steps back, its a terrible game design.

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What the hell is with those endings?? Specially the Carla one??

Definitely kept me entertained, I like it.
As long as you know how to manage stuff well, you can get pretty far. I wish the presentation was a little more elaborate, but overall, I like it.

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It's alright.

The "campaign" is annoying, as any time you get attacked you are put at a disadvantage after... if you win your enemy doubles his strength and you have reduced numbers from the fight. If you lose, you lose resources.
If you attack and beat them (5x, their strength doubling each time) then anther, stronger one shows up immediately after.

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3.32 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2016
5:50 PM EDT
Strategy - Other