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Made for a film festival at my college (that it won best animation at), I decided to upload it here and show the world.

Also it's been roughly 2 years sense I posted something.

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I don't understand how this only has 2.7 stars (as of my writing this). Maybe it's because it breaks Newgrounds's ever so-strict "No live-action" policy, but this is very well done, simple, and original. While its pacing is a little slow, it's a very unique and child-like take on what happens to your drawings when you Ctrl-Z.

5 outta 5 from me, mate.

thebreadandbutter responds:

Thank you very much ;)

This... is beautiful. It's amazing on how emotional you can get over two drawling xD I really like the concept of this film it's well written, played out well and I can tell you put a lot effort into this. Moreover, I do love myself a happy ending the "they lived happily ever after" cliché. Although I love this film something I would've improved is the pace; it seems WAY to slow but that's just by opinion. Nice job, dude :)

thebreadandbutter responds:

Thank you very much, I'll try to improve pace for future animation.
Glad to see that you were a fan of it! I put a ton of work into it and I was able to enter it in a film fest thanks to the motivation from comments like this!

OH THE FEELS!!! Wow .....just wow. Loved every second of it intill you almost made me cry , ya fucker. wish I could give it 50 stars!

thebreadandbutter responds:

Thank you for your kind words Railroadkill. It's nice to get some good reviews from folk like ya, more is coming at some point.

Really creative and sweet! I love that mixing reallife with animation aspect of it so much.

Exelent blend of real life and animation. This was cute.