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Fish Simulator

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Grow bigger by eating fish, til you can eat the biggest fish in the sea. Each level gets progressively harder. How far can you get?

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Man this is a good time passer, and I see how you made this game so I understand how it works
Nice job man

Game got interesting on level 2 then I died and am now back on level 1 :(.

First Fishy game clone that I've played that allows the player fish to pass through fins without collision. It was always retarded, square vs. square hitboxes where even if you dodge that big fish it still "hits" you and you die anyway.

But it offers nothing more new other than quick leveling. Graphics are static, and fish size vs. play field size gets very burdensome quickly. So it's not the worst Fishy game nor the best or even an original thing, but it certainly has its moments of nostalgia. Quick and easy 5 minute time passer.

Up & down the fish is easier to control, otherwise you end up bumping into the big fish you aren't read to devour yet.

This game feels more like a prototype : You've basically seen everything it has to offer after five seconds of gameplay. It also doesn't have much to offer compared to other similar "growth" games. You could probably think about adding some more to it, more content (ie. different fish types, different levels, obstacles... but also new gameplay systems to make this game stand out compared to what already exists in this genre).
About the game itself, the biggest issue I had is that the area is way too small. You should either increase the resolution of the game or make all the fishes (including the played one) smaller. This would increase the freedom of movement of the player, and by adjusting the spawn rates of the different fish accordingly, waiting for the good one could be less frustrating.

This game is fairly simple and really lacks innovative ideas, but on the positive note, it does perfectly what it is supposed to do.

brycer9 responds:

Thanks for your feedback =) You're right, not much time was spent on this. It was my first flash game. I will work on adding more content