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Made for Ludum Dare 35# in under 72h the theme was shapeshift.

Rob banks as the criminal mastermind in this top-down puzzle action game!

Change your shape to hide from different kinds of enemies. You are invisible to your matching form. Your goal is to escape from the building and steal all treasures on your way out.

Move: W,A,S,D

Square: J
Circle: K
Triangle: L
Restart: R
Next level when level is cleared: N

Download the game for better smoother game play.

Lead Programmer & Level Designer - Kim Högnabba
Programmer & Level Designer - Wiljam Sundström (@WilQ_)
2D Artist & Level Designer - Kaisa Tuulenkari
3D Artist & Level Designer - Juho-Tuomas Ratinen
Lead Designer, Sound Designer & Level Design - Timo Pyrrö (@PONTTOS)

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it is hard but its ok i cat get past lvl 2 tho half a star sry

Not a bad effort for a Ludum Dare entry, understanding the difficulty in getting something out in the timeline this was a cool piece.

As a standalone however it (obviously) needs a little polish.

The gameplay was somewhat unique, I thought it was a cool concept but found most of my struggles were in remembering which colour areas matched with which shapes. I personally think it would have been more fun if the onscreen shape hints were also colour coded and the difficulty was more in fast paced swapping and well times actions. Alternatively showing all the areas that you can't currently walk in as red and the ones you can as green perhaps. Due to the instant 180s the guards could do the ones with the cone vision were also pretty annoying in a bad way because their vision would instantly appear on you if they happened to turn when you were behind them.

The music was a nice touch if not a little jarring, cool tone, but could be toned down a bit. Also felt it was weird that the sound effect used to indicate death was also just randomly within the gameplay score.