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Age of Steel

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Age of steel, it is a challenging game of defense strategy.

You’ll have to build your base and towers to defend against enemies.

Upgrade your base, using the 9 types of units and defenses.

Defend yourself against waves of enemies and defeat your opponents, with all your strength available!

Have fun!

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The game has fun mechanics and a lot of potential but it has some major flaws with the design so far. The first problem that I have is that the game is poorly optimized, on my decent computer it is constantly lagging no matter what is on screen. The second major problem is that the difficulty for the game is way too hard, you are constantly rushing to get new equipment while the enemies are attacking all your defenses and the enemies have a huge advantage in the air.

too hard, i love the graphics but if you could build and research in the same time it would be fair, i mean, the enemies have the adventage on air

I need a version of the game that can take a chill pill every few seconds. I just want to see the final version of the base, not get some arbitrary numeral score.

i can almost make it too stage 3 without taking a hit... its hard a real challenge love it... however just a suggestion.... make it so you can cancel a upgrade. or at least make it so the upgrade and units are separate. only thing i find difficult is when your upgrading you base and then the onslaught of enemies come and destroy everything at the very second i started my upgrade to get my base airborne which destroyed it of course.... its an awesome game love it

So, from what I've played in this game so far (sank a couple hours into it.) Notes on some issues that I've gathered:

-The game's projectiles are based on chance and upgrades.
-There's no opportunity to upgrade actually, because you'll be royally buttfucked by the assault that's constantly at your door.
-The art style is wonderful but gets taken away from by the difficulty of gameplay.
-I haven't ever been able to reach base rank III, due to the severity of being bombarded constantly, then dealing with a boss on top of that, which has taken away from my experience with this game.

Things that I enjoyed about the game:

-The idea behind the game is actually interesting for me, and the mechanics used are somewhat entertaining, when not being crushed by the onslaught.
-The constant battle does add quite a unique and entertaining experience, it makes me think of an old flash game series known as "Shadez" (Pretty fun, runs on a similar mechanic with more modular upgrades, akin to this.)
-I've also found that the gameplay is rather fun, and could be better if balanced properly.

Things I've taken away from playing this:

-Once balanced, the mechanic for this game could easily score a 4-star, and lead to a series of great games based in this universe, or in likewise settings
-If the learning curve can be adjusted with a difficulty settings, so that all types of players stand a chance, this could easily be one of the best "Constant-Defense" games on the web.
-The art style is unique, and I enjoyed watching the dynamic day-night cycles, very well done.
-There's many things that need to be rebalanced and/or added/replaced.

Once these are taken care of... I think this will easily be a 4-4.5 star game. I hope you take the time to read this review.

"Walk on the fringes of Light."

QuaintEmerald responds:

Yeah, balance is the main problem in this game.

When I created Age of Steel I tested it and corrected the balance until I could get complete the game. Once I managed to defeat the final boss - I realized - the balance is "great". :D

To be honest, I do not see the point of making some updates. Now the game almost forgeted, rarely anyone is playing it.

But maybe I'll create a new game with a similar mechanics, and maybe even in this universe, given the criticism.

I'm glad that someone finds this game interesting for themselves. Thank you for your review.

p.s. And sorry for my perfect english, if here's some typos.

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3.33 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2016
11:42 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place April 21, 2016