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The Price of Living

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This is a project I made with some other friends, it was some kind of experimental idea, so hope you enjoy it! :D

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Holy fuck that was summin

Aope responds:

Wow thanks! Haha
I thought this animation was long forgotten lol


Aope responds:


Wow! This short was great. I think somethings could be improved, such as the walk cycle (add ease and make it less robotic) and keeping the blood on the character model when he tears something off. Also, some scenes had a way too large line size and looked undetailed. As a rule of thumb always go for small line sizes as they look more professional and also keep it consistant. Although this short was a bit rough, I really loved it. Super engaging and the sounds were great. Good job team!

Good animation some parts may be sloppy but still good. I guess the moral of the story is that money will consume almost anyone's mind on earning money easy for doing nothing. And spending on spending on stuff you could not get before. Which leads to greed and consumerism for the person wanting more. To the point where they would sacrifice anything to get more.

I don't know what to say.