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Forge Rampage

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Made for ludum dare 35 in 72 hours

Forge the right weapon for your heroes! Slay monsters to get coins and buy upgrades. Watch out for the class change bar, when it reaches zero, your hero will change its class and you will have to forge a new weapon.


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needs a bit of polishing, great game tho as is. first, make slimes weak enough to be killed in one shot at start so that you can get a better feel for game mechanics (i died 10-15 times before a class shift), or add a tutorial/sandbox level. class shift is creative btw, i really like that. also, add a help key so we can see the instructions again and again, died a good 5 times during class shift before i finally got the hang of it.

Cute animations but the change of class isn`t really necesary...or fun.Everything else is pretty good tough.

Since this is just a ludumdare I'll give you what I would change.

*Don't make the character always be moving.
*More levels on everything (less scaling; I got level 3 damage and you just run through everything.)
**BUG:: When you level up $$$$ the level 1/2/3 counter stays at one until you max it. Then it says max.
*Make it [SPACE] to attack instead of just run into people. Otherwise Barbarian OP. and WIZARD SUCKS. Also make a cooldown for wizard attack to prevent spamming the ranged move.

Not bad, feels more like a mobile app game though.