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Super Jelly Blaster

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Wow front page! I'm honored! :D

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 35.

You can check out the ludum dare page here!

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this is one of those games that you cant beat a level on the first attempt......

Easy peasy, but give instructions

adcrusher524 responds:

Press space for instructions at the start screen :)

Really fun game, though most of the levels were more memorize what's going to happen rather than react to it. Seeing so many people say it's difficult, I'll leave some tips for how I managed to beat it. The first levels are easy if you just remember where the lasers will be and move your jellies before they even come out. I'm assuming the problems mainly come from the last two levels. For the second to last one, just line up your jellies and move the metal one. The jellies seem to have health since they don't instantly die, so just move the metal jelly in front of the incoming lasers one at a time. And for the last stage, just move the jelly up one stage, right one stage into a corner then work back to the other one.

It was surprisingly pretty fun. The mechanics and controls reminded me a lot of the games you can put on the TI calculators. I wouldn't mind seeing another release with more levels.

adcrusher524 responds:

Hahah those are good tips :) thanks for playing!

I liked the concept of the game, but it seems to have a massive memory leak on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. The memory for the game kept steadily increasing as I played. By the 5th level on both browsers were using 2-2.5GB with only this tab open.

adcrusher524 responds:

Really? I was unaware of this, thanks for reporting this, I'll look into it. :)

I like the gameplay, it is simple, and understandable - but the game was a little bit to challenging for me, got stuck on 5 lvl.