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Waltir's Eye

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This game is a half sequel of my game Blinded.
Half because it uses the same character, Nestor, but the concept is really pushed on its limits. Now everyhting in the game is black.

Play in the dark and find your way in the Waltir's Tower. Reach the EYE and destroy it to save the land of Waltir.

Arrows : Move
D : Use
F : Shoot

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Okay, so I love the concept of a sound based game, but there has to at least be a way to make a light source, so that you have a good sense of where your going or where you've already been, like a checkpoint that sends out signals to let you get an idea of the area. It doesn't have to be in color and I am not trying to be mean. I'm just trying to give some suggestions.

grandbrinus responds:

Hello and thanks for your review.
In fact after playtest with different kind of players, i got alot of "i dont understand where i am" comments. So i tried to add some visual effects even if it killed my first idea.

But i didnt completely added effects on every objects, so ppl are still lost :/
So i need to work on a better visual version, and i think i will keep a totally black one as "Hardcore" level.

If u wanna play a game with generated light with sounds, play my game "Blinded" it's how it works ;)

Thanks :)

Helps me to learn from my ears, a different game and good against the boredom, keep working :)

grandbrinus responds:

Thank you :)

Interesting concept, but at least some visibility would be nice :)

grandbrinus responds:

Man i'm fighting with everyone bc my main concept was to play without any graphic. Only sounds. It is a bit hard for me but i think i have to change this concept bc everyone is complaining that they need to see what they do -.- (i'm not against you, just sayin what i read from players ;) ).
So keep in touch, i will work on a other version with improved graphics and better visibility :) !

Thanks for your comment !