Masterdon - Star Command

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The SATI - 340 is hungry for destruction and its up to you to feed its hunger.

Blast into the skies as you're thrown into oncoming enemy fire. Dodge oncoming Missiles set to destroy you within seconds. Upgrade your technology and blast anything in your way into nothing.

This is the first Aerial Combat Shooter created and released from Newshield Entertainment. As always support the site, the Patreon, etc. Check out the Links to keep up with what's going on.



None of our games are easy, never started off with games really being easy because people complained about being able to complete it without putting any effort into it. The release of "Creeper's Castle" was the only game released from us that features an Easy Mode.

Take note that this will be the only and last game we make that will have an "Easy Mode" installed into it. We're going back to making our games difficult but, beatable.

Thank You and enjoy.
- Jimmy Hall Jr. / Newshield Team

****** ATTENTION ******


In-Game has been Tutorial updated.


It looks promising, but also very glitchy.

Good story and graphics, the sound was okay too.
There is no in-game tutorial except for the training mode, which is actually just a few pages of instructions. If you are going to introduce a bunch of unconventional controls, it's better to do it through gameplay instead of forcing players to spend a couple of minutes reading just so they can understand what is going on. And even after reading the instructions I still had trouble figuring out how things work, something that may or may not be due to glitches.

In some screens, you press space to progress and enter to go back and in others you have to do the opposite. The projectiles you fire follow you left and right instead of flying straight and if you fire again, they will disappear and respawn in front of you. When an enemy is hit the screen turns white, this can get very annoying. The level codes don't seem to work or at least the first one. The first boss was fun after I got used to the controls but I gave up on the second one, it can only be damaged by missiles and the amount you get from the shop is only enough to take out about 1/4 of its health. Even then, I decided to grind a little on the first level and give it another try so I chose 'new game' and it sent me to the second level again. I also found out there is no way to abort a mission without taking a lot of damage first or just reloading the game.

It's an interesting game, but it isn't worth going through all the glitches. It is difficult, but mostly due to hard to navigate menus and generally bad execution rather than challenging levels.

Newshield responds:

I am able to answer a majority of those questions for you.
Didn't think to do an In-Game tutorial that shows you what to do because I thought the player would want to figure this out on their on.

Once I install an In-Game tutorial the Second boss will seem not so hard. Well, not that hard in general. Yeah, the Missile thingy can easily be fixed.

After hitting New Game you when back to the Second Level huh? That's not suppose to happen. That can easily be fixed as well.

Hmmmm....I guess the flashing white light can be for bosses only and I'll change the Enemies explosion to just a normal one.

Yeah, to "Abort the Mission" you have to take damage. That was thrown in to give you that "Oh crap, I have to abort" type of feeling.

Well, thanks for the actual feedback that was helpful. Now if you excuse me I have to fix theses....issues. Thanks for the review.

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2.58 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2016
9:10 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight