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Thank you very much for the "Daily Top 5" and the Frontpage feature!

Discover a gallery of shapes made from a group of vertices, made by you. Play a game to gather more vertices and expand your gallery for more shapes to see. While having collected vertices to build some shape, you can shift it to show another variation.

Made for Ludum Dare 35 (with the theme of Shapeshift).

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Interesting enough idea - could see it being expanded upon. Maybe add a mute button, though - or more than one song. Maybe something a bit less intense?

I really liked both the idea and the presentation of the game. The unique creativity you give to the player by making them unaware of what they're doing, coupled with the responsibility then given for everyone to name their unintentional pieces is something I've barely if ever seen before. Thank you for the experience.

Im pretty lost..

Its a memory game with numbers then randomly some sort of shapeshifting...thing? Its not a game right? Its just making random shapes with how many points youve collected. Its just odd. I dont get it.

ToadieTechnika responds:

You may consider of making random shapes as a "guessing game".
It's a game of gathering vertices in a memory game then build shapes with them in the end of every deck of cards. This is just me making unusual things :D

it's ok

You know that thing that humans can do thanks to our ancestors want to survive? Finding shapes and faces in apparent randomness.
Well this game is the personification of this latent ability.

In which you at first go through and play a relatively easy, and punishment free version of Memory. BUT the cards numbers that are acquired through this memory game, are the number of Vertices you generate per shape.

Allow me to explain. After you have collected all of the on screen "cards" the more interesting part of the game begins, in which say you have a card of 5, then also have the + modifier of 3 for the bonus, this gives you 7 vertices to play with. This means out of that you now have a randomly generated shape with 7 points in any conceivable position.
You are then given the task to name this random constellation, which comes into the exercise in seeing the shapes, and also seeing the negative space to create an object. Which will help you with its naming.
Further add to this is if you truly can not see anything or its just too random to pick anything out, you can then shift its design to help generate a more favorable shape to you.

However this game is entirely based upon that power of your imagination, and ability to see in between the lines. If you are folks who A. lack this ability, or B. find it pointless, then this game is NOT FOR YOU.

And that's where the critique come in this out side of being a curiosity for the first time, will NOT be enough to draw the user in again. So once you have played it once, you really never need to play it again.
And as well, there is no way to share your "creations" with anyone with a large scale online gallery your collection of shapes pretty much for the interpretation of The Players mind alone.
This also adds to the lack of wanting to play more, if there was such a feature i am most certain the drive could be there to see what kind of antics we can derive from the seeming randomness of this game, and also to see the qualia of each others minds, through the names and translations of these vertices.
Which also brings up my next point. I am sure you had to save on space, but there is just so little space to type the name of your shape, that many times i just had to shift the object to something else so i could actually name it.

Presentation wise its is good, it is simple but still has a look of simplistic polish to it.
Its crisp and it pops well enough but some might think its too minimalist.

This music is only one track, and while its pleasant enough, to me that might get on peoples nerves, which i am sure is furthering the lack of desire to play your game.

Other then that, this is all the game is folks. So play it if you wish, but keep in mind this game does exactly what it says on the tin, you creating a gallery out of randoms shapes, that none but you Yourself can see.

That is my thoughts of this game. I liked it well enough. Its well made, and it does its job but alas, it lacks real reason to play. Its good, not bad, but just good.

ToadieTechnika responds:

This review is really insane, you made my day. It really helps. :D
Took the time to read it all the way, thank you very much.