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Starstuff 2D | v0.1.2a

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This early developmental demo version of Starstuff 2D was created over 1 year ago for the sole purpose of providing a clear concept of the path that our development team was to take for the creation of Starstuff, a 3D Stellar Evolution Simulator that is very different in nearly every way to this early concept. We've only released this early demo to the public as a form of archiving this heavily outdated software.

For more information on the current state and future of 'Starstuff | Stellar Evolution Simulator' please visit:


Where a development demo of the full 3D version is already available to supporters.

Thank you for playing this proof of concept, we hope it makes you all exited for the real thing.

-Scoria Games team

----Outdated Information Below----
From the birth of a star to the birth of a space-faring civilization, explore the vastness of this 2 dimensional simulator.

Starstuff 2D is a 2 dimensional stellar evolution simulator that allows you to create a small solar system, hoping that the right conditions might emerge for life to spring forth. Then, help your new civilization achieve space.

--Development Changelog--
After version v0012a development of Starstuff has been moved to 3D, for more information on the future of Starstuff go to http://patreon.com/scoriaGames

- Really fixed the orbital mechanics this time, I swear
- Introduced shadows and lighting effects
- Fixed collision detection

- Fixed orbital mechanics
- Introduced realistic physics
- Tutorial can now be disabled
- Planet color is now random, this should change by next version
- You can now focus on nothing, and move the camera around instead of focusing on an asteroid all the time

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Druidtton responds:

U wut m8?

It's a cool concept, but it takes so much guesswork and time (3x is way too little) to get anything at all to happen. I'm afraid I'll have to abandon it, though if you continue to work at it, then PM me amd maybe I'll play it again.

Druidtton responds:

But it goes up to x100 speed! D:

Try the tutorial.
Anyway, the 2D version of the game is no longer under development, so there wont be any changes or fixes to this version of the game, but like I said in the description, we're working on a 3D version of the game with many more features.

This is basically what it looks like right now:

Thanks for the feedback either way!

I can't move the view with the mouse. It still looks cool and interesting.